Batman Year Two Exclusive Figure Coming from McFarlane Toys

DC Comics has really been stepping their game up these past couple of years with an incredible amount of excellent comics. One of the best things to release alongside these books is McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse 7" figure line. The line has been loaded with some pretty awesome figures, and the toy line really shines with their random releases. These include Azreal, Gorilla Grodd, Bizarro, and even their line of Dark Nights: Metal creations. Many collectors argue that the line is too Batman focus, but it's not Todd McFarlane's fault that DC Comics makes some amazing Batman stories. It looks like McFarlane Toys is showing the Dark Knight some love once more with a special Target Exclusive Batman: Year Two figure.

Todd McFarlane took to Facebook (here) to showcase one of the upcoming Target Exclusive figures that will release during the upcoming Geek Out event. The figure brings on elf McFarlane's Batman designs to life, giving collectors a full diorama display with an enlarged cape. Bruce Wayne is displayed over the graves of his parents as his cape blows in the wind. The fun of this figure does not end there as Batman is shown in his classic light gray and blue costume and will come with swappable parts. While in his elongated cape, Bruce does not have arms, but McFarlane Toys also included a pair of arms and a cloth cape to show the bat out of this pose.

The cloth cape and arms will also for more poseability options and give DC Comics fans a truly incredible Batman: Year Two collectible. Like all other DC Multiverse figures, the Dark Knight will come with a collectible trading card that does have the opportunity to come with an autograph on the back. This will not be the case with all of these figures, but it is a fun idea for dedicated collectors. No price point has been revealed, but with the vehicles coming in at $25, I would expect a number between $30-40 (hopefully). Pre-orders will go live tomorrow right here with Target's Collectors Spot Geek Out event with some other popular toy releases that have yet to be revealed.


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