Dark Nights: Metal Gets a New Funko Pop Exclusive Figure

The Dark Nights: Metal are some of the coolest Batman concepts to come out of the Batman mythos lately. Coming from the comic book arc we got to see the dark multi-verse as a whole variety of new evil versions of Batman arose. We have seen Some collectibles come out featuring is iconic characters however the most recent one is a Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop. This time Batman: The Merciless makes his appearance so let's check him out with this review.

For starters, the box is quite different than other Funko Pop boxes it is featuring the newly used black packaging with the Batman 80th anniversary logo on it. There is gold trim around it that shines and definitely gives a new aspect to the packaging. Three out of four of the Dark Nights: Metal characters I have the style black box and it really suits them. If you don't know the history this is a Corrupted Batman wearing Ares the God of Wars Helmet after he kills Wonder Woman in a war-torn world.

The character itself seemingly features a metallic style paint. The character is remarkably detailed for it being Popified and fights the comic book portrayal perfectly and I just love it. These smaller versions of these dark nights: Metal evil Batmen characters are all highly detailed and are cheap and great collectibles for fans. The metallic paint is a nice touch and it really makes the armor shine. If you look above the chest you can even see a small Wonder Woman symbol as this is supposed to be the Batman/Wonder Woman combination figure. The little details on Funko Pop's are what make these little collectibles shine. The price is cheap and you're getting some collectibles that aren't made for a wide variety of things.

This is a great figure to release in the 80th Anniversary of Batman and I hope we can see more of these characters released later on. I still have three more Batman Dark Night: Metal characters who still have not got a Funko Pops just yet. Batman crossover versions of Superman, Aquaman and Cyborg are still in the wind and I hope we see then soon. Batman: The Merciless is exclusive to Hot Topic and the other have been exclusives too so I hope they keep that trend. You can check your local Hot Topics to see if they have any in stock if not you can find them located online and here. Stay tuned up with Bleeding Cool for more Funko Pop reviews.

Dark Nights: Metal Gets a New Funko Pop Exclusive Figure

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