Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Dungeon Master & Venger 2-Pack Revealed

Hasbro has surprised nostalgic Dungeons and Dragons fans with the return of the classic 80s cartoon. This classic adventure tells the tale of a group of friends who are transported to a magical world of danger and fantasy. A whole line of D&D figures is on the way, with Hank, Bobby, and Diana kicking off the new 6" line as the general public release figures. Fans can read all about that standard wave and their upcoming adventure here. However, a new line is expected to have some retailer exclusive figures, and it looks like Target is getting the first one. Dungeon Master & Venger are together again with this mystical 2-pack set that brings the characters right from the 80s with color and sculpt. Exclusive dice are included intros set, which you can implement into your own Dungeons and Dragons games. New non-window packaging is featured here, but Hasbro makes up for it with some pretty amazing artwork. The Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics Dungeon Master & Venger set is priced at $49.99. These two are Target Exclusive, and pre-orders are already live and located right here. 

"Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics Scale Dungeon Master & Venger Action Figures 2pk (Target Exclusive). This 2-pack of Dungeon Master & Venger action figures contains 2 figures inspired by the classic cartoon series. Why these two? Spoilers! But wait, there's more! It also contains alternate Venger hands and a percentile die and giant d20 that are exclusive to this Cartoon Classics set. With packaging inspired by the original cartoon artwork, these collectible figures will look great on your shelf, in or out of the box."

"Hey, look! A Dungeons & Dragons toy! These 6-inch-scale Cartoon Classics figures will have you saying "Wow, neat!" before you imagine being transported to realms of danger and adventure … and these collectible figures are transported to your shelf by you buying them and bringing them home."

  • Featuring premium deco & design inspired by the classic cartoon, along with a character-inspired accessory
  • INCLUDES PERCENTILE DIE & GIANT D20 TO BUILD AN EXCLUSIVE D&D DICE SET: Because we all love dice, right? Here, have two!
  • INSPIRED BY D&D 80S CARTOON: When a bunch of kids head to the amusement park they take the ride of their lives and end up in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons
  • THE WORLD'S GREATEST ROLEPLAYING GAME: D&D has been delighting nerds, gamers, and voice actors for almost 50 years. These collector figures bring a piece of D&D history to your shelf
  • ROLL A PERCEPTION CHECK TO FIND MORE D&D CLASSIC FIGURES: Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

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