Funko Fair Day 2 Animation Pop Reveal Round-Up

Funko Fair 2021 DAy 2 was a huge hit as Funko dedicated the day to one of their biggest franchise lines, Animation. The entire day was packed with a variety of widely popular anime shows that fans just can not get enough of. The day opened with a huge wave of Dragon Ball Z Pops that dropped common and exclusive Pops. Cell's first forms made a debut, and Super Saiyan Goku is getting three different variants as he does Kamehameha. Following up next as another huge set of reveals for Naruto: Shippuden that includes not one but two chase variants. AAA Anime Exclusive will be getting the hottest exclusives of the set; however Naruto Six Path Sage will get getting a special GITD variant that can be found at local comic shops.

Funko Fair Day 2 also consisted of some new franchise debuts like Tokidoki, Bakugan, and more. Each one is very well detailed and captures the character's design very well, and will be a great addition to any fan's collection. We also got the re-announcement of the anime Saint Seiya, which is odd to do since these are already in stores and released back in 2020. One Piece did make an appearance as well, with some great additions include Luffy (Gear 4th) that will be exclusive to Chalice Collectibles. Oddly enough, My Hero Academia was oddly not present this time around, which is surprising as the serious is one of the biggest anime waves coming from Funko. Most of these Pops are already up for pre-order which fans can find located here. The retailer exclusives are also getting pre-orders as well on their retrospective, so make sure you get yours in before they sell out.

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