New Marvel Zombies Pops by Revealed During Funko FUN TV

Things got a little spooky during the Funko FUN TV broadcast last night. Funko announced a massive wave of upcoming Pop  Byatt e s for their Marvel Zombies series. This line is relatively new, with roughly 10 different designs already being released, like zombie versions of Daredevil, Venom, Wolverine, and so much more. This time Funko unveils nine more Zombie versions of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains are on their way. Starting things off first is the Zombie version of the X-Men villain Mystique, who is looking terrifying with her red hair and blue skin. We will also be getting the Fantastic Four big bad Dr. Doom and all of his zombie-fied glory. Moon Knight is always walking amongst the undead as well, which is very well done. It does seem that they are sticking with the trend of open gashes on the skin and the green goo slowly coming out.

Things then continue with the official mold of the zombie She-Hulk, which we have seen a concept piece for during the announcement of this Pop wave way back during a previous Toy Fair. Things do get a little bit bigger as Funko announces the first 6 inch Pop in the Marvel Zombies wave with Red Hulk; this light beast is beautifully sculpted and will be an instant purchase for Hulk and zombie fans. The undead X-Men continue their rise from the grave as Rogue joins the cast of Marvel Zombies. She really took a beating this time around with a snapped leg, excess goo, and design that is to die for. Our last three Funko Pops begin with the official reveal of the Zombie Gambit Pop vinyl. We have seen concept art, Pop Tee, and a pin of this design already, so we only knew this Pop was inevitable. We will also be getting new additions like a zombie version of M.O.D.O.K, which is very well done as well as a zombie version of young Thor

All of these Marvel Zombies designs are beautifully sculpted, and it's adds new horrific detail to some of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains. I can only imagine that most of these Pop will be released as retailer exclusives since most of this Pop wave has already been released at set exclusives. Only four original common Pops are released in the main wave with Wolverine, Deadpool, Mysterio, and the Hulk. All of the other Pops from Funko that have been released, like Red Skull, Silver Surfer, Daredevil, and more, have all been set as retailer exclusives. I have no problem with this whole line being exclusive as it would be fun to hunt down, and seeing all of those stickers on their boxes will be cool to see once you get the entire collection is together. No pre-order information has been revealed by Funko just yet, but we can imagine we will see them in the coming weeks. In the meantime, fans can start building their own Marvel Zombies collection from the ground up starting here.

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