Marvel Legends Reveals Include Mojo World, Sentinels, And More Spidey

Marvel Legends collectors were surprised with a treat today, as the Hasbro team held an Instagram live to show off some new figures in their Legends and Retro line. A lot was shown off, including new Retro cardback figures, the biggest 3.75 retro figure yet, and the best reveal of all, a new exclusive that X-Men fans will be drooling over for sure. Let's not waste any more time and go over what was shown.

Lots More Marvel Legends Reveals Than We Thought Today

First up, Spider-Man reveals, as we finally got a look at the Japanese Spidey Marvel Legends figure they have been teasing forever. He will come in the new, controversial packaging. It also revealed a Spidey variant we have needed for a long time, as Bag Head Spidey gets a retro card release. That, however, will be a Target exclusive.

Also getting Retro cardback releases are Firelord, making his mainline Marvel Legends debut and coming with his flaming q-tip accessory. A new retro cardback design for the 90's Iron Man look, with the first figure being a classic War Machine with all the sharp edges one could possibly hope for.

Next up is a 3.75 inch retro release, though this is not a small figure. The jumbo Sentinel is a dream come true, and he also includes swappable heads and an energy blast. Super cool and an awesome army builder for this line.

Next up, Sharon Carter joins the Marvel Legends BAF Infinity Ultron wave that they are slow revealing.

Finally, in the coolest reveal of the day is their first Marvel Legends exclusive for the year. We are getting a Mojo World box set that includes Mojo himself, Longshot, a spectacular Dazzler, and Mojoverse Wolverine. Just check out how cool that packaging is.

All of these will be up for preorder tomorrow starting at 1 PM EST, at Target and Hasbro Pulse, as well as fan channels like your local comic shop.

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