Funko Pop New York Toy Fair 2020 Reveals – "My Hero Academia"

My Hero Academia continues to impress me this season with every episode released. We are also only days away from catching it's a new movie on the big screen once again. Funko continues to give fans what they want s they announce a whole new wave of My Hero Academia Funko Pops. There will be 13 figures released in this wave, their first 10" and five new characters finally getting their Pop debut. Of course, Izuku with be getting a new figure in this wave wearing his school uniform and you can't have a new wave without him. Toga, Endeavor, and Tomura will also be getting updated figures featuring dynamic poses. All Might, of course, is a great choice for their first 10" Funko and while it isn't a new design it will be a nice addition to any fans collection. For the five new figures: Pinky, Overhaul, Best Jeanist, and Kirogiri and Midnight will finally join the Funko game and all are amazing designs. Endeavor will be getting an Amazon glow in the dark exclusive, Pink will be going metallic at GameStop, Midnight is exclusive at Galactic Toys and Froppy will go invisible at Hot Topic. It does look like there is a Pop Town My Hero Academia release coming soon and you can see Deku with UA High building in the background and this will be perfect for taking some great Pop Pictures!

Pre-orders for this wave of My Hero Academia Funko Pops are already up and you can find them located here. Retailer exclusives are a mystery when you can get the. Pre-orders are up for the Metallic Pinky here and the Midnight here though. Stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for all of the Funko Pop news coming out of New York Toy Fair 2020.

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