GI Joe Classified Live Stream Reveals Up For Order Today

Yo Joe! For the first time in 2023, Hasbro Pulse has revealed a new wave of GI Joe Classified figures going up for preorder this afternoon.

GI Joe Classified fans finally had their first live stream in quite some time this morning, and they brought the reveals. As they do things, they start by revealing the names of new figures, then they move to the renders of what the figures may look like, then they move to actual prototypes and figure photos, and that is when they go up for preorder. They also discussed the three price points for Joe, which include the standard figure release at $24.99, deluxe figures at $34.99, and then two packs that are $54.99. That means, at least for now, figure prices are staying put, unlike Marvel Legends. Below are the new reveals that are going up for preorder today.

GI Joe Classified Reveals Galore

The three named figures coming soon were Big Boa, the Cobra trainer and a personal favorite, Mutt & Junkyard, and Quick Kick. Render reveals included Tunnel Rat, a new version of Firefly, Lowlight, and the Shadow Tracker, a cool new figure, if I do say so myself.

As for what is going up for preorder today, the next mainline wave includes Copperhead, Classic Bazooka, Torpedo, the highly anticipated Shipwreck figure we have all been waiting for, and Rock N Roll. For once, this wave will be a heavier GI Joe wave instead of Cobra.

For deluxe figures and two packs, we have the amazing-looking Scrap Iron that comes with blast accessories and a huge drone; I cannot wait to get that one. He will cost $44.99. Then two Pulse exclusives were shown off, a female Cobra pack in the new Valkyrie line that comes loaded with stuff, and finally, the Snow Job figure they teased forever ago that also comes loaded to the gills with stuff. The two-pack will run you $54.99, and Snow Job will cost GI Joe fans $34.99.

All of these preorders begin at 1 PM EST on Hasbro Pulse today.

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