Hasbro Pulse Con Deep Dive: Animated X-Men Marvel Legends

Hasbro Pulse Con was an incredible event was such a blast to watch and was loaded with some great franchises. Power Rangers and G.I. Joe quickly stole the show with some great presentations and some really big plans for its future. It is really hard to narrow down some of my favorite reveals during the event, but I have my #1, which came to us from Marvel Legends. Hasbro is bringing the 90s back as they announced X-Men: The Animated Series is making there way into Marvel Legends. Wolverine and Jubilee are the first two figures coming to us from the beloved X-Men animated series as Hasbro Pulse exclusive figures. This announcement is long overdue, and while it might just seem like a cel-shaded deco these figures are loaded with nostalgia.

When the Sentinel HasLab was reveals last year, I decided to pass on it due to the lack of X-Men figure in my collection. However, seeing the X-Men: The Animated Series come to the Marvel Legends 6" figure line is making me regret that decision. Both Wolverine and Jubilee feature a detailed sculpts straight from the animated series with a perfect set of accessories. Wolverine features swappable hands with claws or no-claws, two different heads, and of course the iconic picture frame with a replaceable picture. Jubilee on the other hand will have 2 plasma effects, an alternate head, and 2 sunglasses accessories to capture he looks straight from the cartoon.

Hasbro has let slip that Storm and Jean Grey will also be on the way for the X-Men: The Animated Series Marvel Legends wave next. The packaging on these figures are really one of the best parts as they will come in retro-styled VHS boxed packaging with some incredible art. Having these figures in-box or out-of-box will be a true treat and I can not wait to get my hands on them. I hope we can see all of the X-Men get this treatment with Beast, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and Gambit getting these cel-shaded boxed figures later on. Pre-orders for both of these can be found here and here and are not set to release until May 2022 and will only be offered through Hasbro Pulse.

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