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Hasbro Star Wars Rancor Update – Full Paint Deco and Final Unlocks

Today was the make-or-break day for the Star Wars: The Black Series Rancor HasLab campaign from Hasbro. Their team gave collectors a better look at a fully painted version of the beast as well as the final two-tier unlocks. The new Star Wars live stream (found here), did help answer some questions about the beast and they showcase two new figures that could be coming if fully backed. We all already know what The Return of the Jedi Rancor looks like, so it was the final two tier unlocks that fans were patiently waiting to see. The logical solution would have been the Twi'lek dancer Oola as seen in Jabba's Palace, who meets a terrible end and the Star Wars Rancor Keeper. Both figures have yet to see the 6" format and are perfect companion pieces to release the major $350 figure. However, that did not happen, and the next unlock will consist of a Salacious B. Crumb and Luke Skywalker.

This is no joke; Hasbro actually is including a card backed Star Wars Salacious B. Crumb figure to go with your Rancor. Things do get turned around with a new built from the ground up Luke Skywalker featuring his lightsaber, fabric cloak, photo-tech head sculpt, and blaster. This does seem like a great figure, but the packaging will be the only thing exclusive to the HasLab with another release most likely coming in 2022-2023. There are so many massive projects out there and not many collectors can back all of them, so each collectible really has to stand out. Right now, we have the G.I. Joe Skystriker, Ghostbusters Plasma Series Proton Pack, the Super 7 TMNT Turtle fan, and of course, this massive Rancor. I would not be surprised if this HasLab is not backed or if it is extended for the holidays with a bonus Keeper reward as an incentive. Collectors can back the figure here and see all of the upcoming details of the creature and decide if it's worth a visit to Jabba's Palace or save up to bust some ghosts.

"For the first time ever, The Black Series has arrived at HasLab. After the success of other iconic Star Wars projects like The Vintage Collection's Razor Crest™ and the outpouring of fan requests, we knew without a doubt The Black Series needed to be represented. Wait no longer, fans and collectors; we're here with something epic. A towering figure with a formidable arm span, measuring 42 inches (106.68 cm) from talon to talon. A figure that evokes the nostalgia of another era. A figure that embodies the thrill of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™. The Rancor™."

"This Kowakian™ monkey-lizard may be small in stature, but its presence is certainly large. In this unlock, The Black Series 6-inch-scale Salacious B. Crumb does not go unnoticed, even on its mini Kenner-inspired cardback. The team drew inspiration for this one from The Vintage Collection's 2011 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Salacious B. Crumb figure. Now we're bringing it to an even more special level by putting it on a cardback celebrating the spirit of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. You can't find Salacious B. Crumb on a mini cardback anywhere else in the galaxy except here at HasLab."

"Everyone's favorite Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker, gets a fresh look in this unlock. For the first time in 8 years, this specific Luke Skywalker figure will have a newly sculpted photoreal design. A truly epic addition to any display or collection, and an iconic addition to your Rancor display. Without Luke Skywalker's death-defying encounter, how would we know the ferocity of the Rancor??? Hopefully we won't have to find out. Luke comes with a removable soft goods cloak, a blaster, and, of course, a lightsaber. To complete this galactic figure, we've put Luke on a classic Power of the Force cardback with a Special Collectors Coin."

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