More Xenomorphs Arrive as Hiya Toys Announces New Figures

Hiya Toys is at it again as they announce more 1/18th scale Xenomorph figures from their Aliens and Alien vs. Predator line. We have seen so many variations of these characters; they all seem to blend together at this point but still cool non the less. Our first Xenomorph is from AVP with a new "blowout" design for an Alien Warrior. Unlike the previous one that had an exploding head, this one will feature an exploded carapace as well as gunfire damage to its body. The Xenomorph will also have a dismembered tail to give the Colonial Marines a fighting chance. The next Hiya Toys Xenomorph figure is from Aliens but is not an alien at all but a reissue of the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier. This ship is 16" long and can hold up to fourteen 1:18 scale figures. This massive ship is a fun way to level the playing field of the Xenomorph threat. Packed with great detail, movie-accurate deco, and removable flames, this ship is exactly what your Aliens collection needed.

Hiya Toys continues to impress with their growing 1:18 scale Xenomorph collection. The reissue of the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier is a nice touch, and it will be one hell of a collectible for any collection. Load that bad boy up with some Colonial Marines, and the Xenomorphs will have a field day. Both Aliens and AVP Hiya Toys figures are set as PX Exclusives and set to release in November 2021. The damaged Alien Warrior is priced at $19.99, while the Carrier gets a $299.99 price tag. Pre-orders for both are not live just yet, but fans can find them and other Hiya Toys located here when they go live.

"ALIENS BURNING ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER PX 1/18 SCALE VEHICLE – A PREVIEWS Exclusive! A lone survivor, floating through space. A distress call from a distant colony. A group of battle hardened marines, full of confidence and loaded for bear. Yet no one can be prepared for what awaits them on LV-426. This time, it's war! You asked for it; Hiya delivered! The M577 Armored Personnel Carrier is a key part of the USCM's tactical response. Lightweight, yet heavily armed, the M577 delivers an entire squad of Colonial Marines anywhere it's dropped. This new Burning Armored Personnel Carrier adds a film-accurate paint deco, as well as removable flames for any recreation of a Colonial Marine assault. This 1:18 scale vehicle measures app. 16″ long and holds up to 14 1:18 scale figures."

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021

SRP: $299.99

"AVP BLOWOUT ALIEN WARRIOR PX 1/18 SCALE FIGURE – A PREVIEWS Exclusive! In an alternate 2004, industrialist Charles Bishop Weyland sends a group of explorers to investigate a mysterious Antarctic pyramid, but discover they've entered a Yautja hunting ground. Now caught between a trio of Hunters and a host of xenomorphs, the team must find a way to escape…or risk becoming prey or trophy! The Blowout Alien Warrior proves that the only safe Xenomorph is a dead Xenomorph. This battle-damaged Warrior features an exploded carapace, projectile damage to its torso, and a partially dismembered tail. This 1:18 scale figure stands approximately 4″ tall and also features a pegged stand for posing."

In Shops: Nov 24, 2021

SRP: $19.99

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