Iron Man Mark 1 EAA Makes His Landing at Beast Kingdom

Iron Man is back in returns to his roots once again with his newest Egg Attack Action figure from Beast Kingdom. The Iron Man Mark 1 armor is back and ready to be released once again with this beautifully detailed figure. The figure is packed with high amounts of detail, LED capabilities, and accessories that will please Iron Man fans, both old and new. He will have built-in LEDs in the chest, giving his arc reactor some power, which is a must-have function for any Iron Man figure. He will include two different head sculpts, allowing Marvel fans to display him with the Iron Man Mark 1 helmet or the face of Tony Stark. The upper body armor will be able to be removed, showing off his new cave clothes underneath. With 22 points of articulation, this figure is ready to take on anyone in his way of escaping, and the figure will also include a pair of attachable flame effects to burn his way to freedom. Beast Kingdom has also included special blueprints that show off the secret plans to create the Mark 1 Iron Man armor, just like the ones in the film.

The Iron Man Mark 1 armor is an essential piece to the growing legacy of Tony Stark. Beast Kingdom did a real nice job capturing the detail and the necessary accessories to bring this figure to life. The Mark 1 Egg Attack Action figure will be priced at $90 and is set to release in July 2021. Pre-orders are also already live in; fans can find them located here. Don't forget to check out some of the other amazing Iron Man EAA figures coming soon, like the limited edition black and gold Mark 50 armor.

"I am Ironman! One of the most iconic phrases ever uttered in movie history. Beast Kingdom, the 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is excited to revisit Tony Stark's Iron Man, back at the beginning where it all began. The Iron Man Mark 1 was a crudely designed armor, which paved the way for not only all future Iron Man iterations, but the MCU as a whole.The new 6-Inch EAA pays homage to this iconic suit with a fully articulable action figure. Using detailed composite materials, the figure recreates the fully worn in and handmade design of the Mark 1. Using real cloth for the under clothing, with removable armor plating, Tony Stark is fully ready to face his enemies in the desert!"

No Mark 1 is complete without the famous handmade helmet, however for fans of Tony Stark, a head sculpt of the future Avenger is included as well. The removable wrist gauntlets also have attachable flame effects to recreate the now iconic escape scene. All other armor plating, from the LED powered Chest Armor, shoulders and leg pieces are all removable. Including a whopping 22 points of articulation and an exclusively branded stand, this Mark 1 is one for fans of the classic Iron Man.

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