Iron Man Takes a Stand Against Thanos with Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom is taking us back to Avengers: Infinity War with their newest Egg Action Attack figure. The Iron Man Mark 50 suit returns but is featured in a new battle damaged styled mold. This comes from the Infinity War where Tony Stark takes on Thanos on the planet Titan. This figure captures that pivotal scene with the iconic Egg Attack look and a nice set of accessories. Iron Man will come with three different head sculpts, one fully masked and the last two are a different expression in the broken helmet. For accessories, we are getting a second pair of interchangeable hands, a nano sword, a nano shield, and a firing missile attachment.

I do wish that we got to see more of a battle damaged paint scheme with this Iron Man figure though. The full helmet piece does have some texture difference but it doesn't really bring the figure altogether. The nano weapon set is a great touch for Iron Man and the broken helmet sculpts are something we haven't seen in the collector world. Beast Kingdom is defiantly bringing something new to fans and any Marvel or Iron Man fan could get behind this collectible. Pre-orders for the Infinity War Mark 50 Battle Damaged figure from Beast Kingdom are not live just yet. Based on past figures we should be looking around $89.99 for this EAA and you will be able to find pre-orders here when they go live. "My only curse is you."

"Beast Kingdom's Entertainment Experience Brand EAA (Egg Attack Action) series consists of 6-inch articulated action figures based on the popular film "Avengers: Infinity War." In the wake of the enthusiastic response to the launch of the Iron Man Mark 50 figure, Beast Kingdom has developed the Mark L Battle Damaged" articulated figure. In addition to the basic configuration, there are interchangeable hands (fists and open hands) and masks (war damage and exposed face). The figure hits the mark on replicating Tony Stark's expressions and movements in the films."

"This version includes the latest weapons associated with the Mark 50 suit: the nano sword, the nano shield and the back-mounted nano missile launchers. Sophisticated production methods faithfully reproduce the damage caused to the nano armor during the battle with Thanos. Whether it's hand-to-hand or aerial methods his combat skills are on full display. Fine painting and built-in LEDs in the helmet and reactor really make this figure shine. This Mark L Marvel figure will absolutely enhance your collection!"

Beast Kingdom Egg Action Attack Iron Man from Avengers: Infinity War Figure
Beast Kingdom Egg Action Attack Iron Man from Avengers: Infinity War Figure Vs Thanos. Photo Credit: Beast Kingdom.

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