"Mad Men" Gets Funko Pops! & Don Draper Has Arrived [Review]

Mad Men was one of AMC's He claims the television shows. It is nice to see that we will be getting some recognition for such an amazing show. Funko has announced madman Funko's a while back but we finally see them hit stores. These collectibles are for the faint of heart as a show wasn't that kid-friendly. This Funko Pop is here to take the edge off. 

After seeing Don Draper in stores he instantly was just a must-have. Being a fan of the Mad Men show it was nice to see a modernize collectible for such an iconic character. The box is just like every other Funko Pop box. It's time though the red colors really pop here just like the iconic Mad Men television logo. The back shows the other five characters that are released in the set. The other ones to collect are Betty, Roger, Joanne, and Peggy. And with such an amazing cast of characters, hopefully, we will see more of these characters come out in the near future.

Now on to Don Draper himself, the figure unlike most Funko Pop's he has a cigarette in mouth. We also see him with a scotch glass in hand. The glass is a pretty cool little detail too, as it has a silver rim a translucent middle and then the scotch coloring at the bottom. We have seen Horror Funko's that are a little more grown-up but this one kind of takes the cake as it is more adult then usually seen. 

I really dig the business suit and the pose they decided to place him for this Funko Pop figure. Mad Men is all about business and making strategic moves, so it is nice to see the collectible figure give that essence. I do enjoy the hand in the pocket too as it gives the character a little more emotion and vibe to the Don Draper we all know and love. 

I'm glad we're starting to see a nice variety come out of Funko. Their pops are something any collector can get behind and find something they enjoy. Especially with the licenses, we are seeing lately I'm sure we can see a wide variety of new and upcoming at Funko collectibles that will surprise us. I will be on the lookout for the other cast of characters in the series, and if you'd like to own your own Don Draper or any other character from madmen look for them in stores or buy or pre-order them here. 

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