Masters of the Universe Mondo Figures Look Like Must-Owns

Masters of the Universe collectors took notice the other day when before SDCC they finally revealed their long-in-the-making 1/6 scale figures. Hitting the con floor today, we went by the Diamond booth where they had not only the He-Man and Skeletor that we saw in those photos. No, they also had the up-until now only teased Mer-Man!

Mer-Man's armor looks like it has an amazing sculpt. They nailed the colors of his scales, although I will say they could do to take another pass at his head and face. The eyes look a little puffy. But overall he looks pretty awesome.

Speaking of weird heads, the biggest knock on these the other day was the heads. Not anymore, as it turns out these will be coming with classic Masters of the Universe style heads. Look at that Skeletor head! That thing looks absolutely perfect. This is the head I would display these things with, that includes the equally awesome He-Man head.

I am so excited to order these. The 1/6 scale is made for Masters of the Universe. The sky really is the limit with these, and when they release you can bet we will bring you a full and detailed review.

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