Jaws Toony Terror Is The Peak Of NECA's Awesome Horror Line

Since they introduced their Toony Terrors line a while back, NECA has done an awesome job turning our favorite horror icons into cartoon versions that would fit into a Saturday morning viewing block next to Scooby-Doo and other classics. Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, Beetlejuice, The Grady Twins, Nosferatu. There is something for any horror collector. Now hitting stores is a Jaws set, the first more deluxe release in the line, and hopefully not the last. NECA sent us one to show you, and let me say right off the bat: this is one of the best in the line and a must own.

Perfect Gift For Any Jaws Collector

The box is amazing. The window box shows off both figures, and I love the back of the box being an alley behind a movie theater, complete with all sorts of cool Jaws easter eggs. Since the back of the cards on these are usually diorama pieces, I was trying to figure out how they would incorporate that into this box for awhile, and they nailed it, like NECA always does.

And that is because the diorama background is inside the box. The wreckage of The Orca is in the background, with Quint there on a piece of the ship to try and take down Bruce. Quint looks awesome here, somehow they still nailed the likeness even in this cartoon style. He comes with a harpoon and a machete to try and take down the shark. Unlike some other Toony Terrors, Quint stands very well on his own too, not much effort need to be put in to get him to stand. This Jaws set comes with a fin to put on display, and a full on shark complete with bloody mouth that you can put Quint in, and thanks to his nervous expression, works extremely well.

Jaws Toony Terror Is The Peak Of NECA's Awesome Horror Line
Toony Terrors Set

I have no complaints about this one at all. Even if you do not use the background, it will still look badass on your Toony Terrors display. I only hope this means we can get more sets like this one in the line. I would pay lots of money for a Myers house, of a Shining hallway that includes Jack since it is more in the cartoon style. Please NECA?

You can find this in target stores now mostly, and specialty shops soon. You can preorder it here.

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