Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Gets New Powerful Statue from Prime 1 Studio

Pacific Rim is back as Prime 1 Studio reveals their newest statue that returns the film robotic hero, Gipsy Danger. Standing at a whopping  27″ tall, Gipsy is displayed on a diorama display base with a kaiju at his feet. Two versions will be offered, but the Deluxe Version is a true work of art that includes a nice variety of swappable parts. This will include three right arms and four left arms that show off iconic weapons from the film with swords and blasters. Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger will also have a light-up features where his visor, chest, and display base glow. Prime 1 Studio has loaded out this statue with some next-level detail that brings this powerful Jaeger home. The Gipsy Danger Deluxe Edition Statue is priced at a whopping $1,849 and is set to release between March – June of 2023. Pre-orders are already live, and collectors can find this and the Deluxe right here and find which one best fits you.

"This Gipsy Danger Deluxe Version will come with a dizzying array of swappable arms. There are a total of four swappable left arms: an Open Left Hand, a Closed Left Fist, a Closed Left Fist with Extended Chain Sword, and an Open Left Plasmacaster/Plasma Cannon with LED Illumination. Furthermore, the right arm comes in a total of three swappable versions: a Closed Right Fist, a Closed Right Fist with Extended Chain Sword, and finally, an Open Right Plasmacaster/Plasma Cannon with LED Illumination. That is a stunning twelve (12) different arm combinations you can choose from!"

"For the mind-blowing base, Gipsy stomps on a dead, Class 5 Kaiju's head. But is it really dead? Why is its mouth still glowing? That's because the base comes equipped with LED illumination to make the environment even more impressive and enjoyable to display. Sift around the rubble, you will be rewarded with quite a few Easter Eggs that Prime 1 Studio has included for your 360-degree viewing and story-telling pleasure! Any Pacific Rim fan, including Guillermo Del Toro, would love to own this amazing Gipsy Danger statue…so cancel the Apocalypse today and Pre-Order your very own Gipsy Danger Deluxe Version!"


  • Four (4) Swappable Left Arms
  • Three (3) Swappable Right Arms
  • LED Illumination on Forehead Beacon, Main Visor, Nuclear Vortex Turbine and both Plasmacaster/Plasma Cannon Swappable Arms
  • Pacific Rim-themed base featuring a downed Class 5 Kaiju Head with LED features and numerous Easter Eggs

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