The Predator Killer Armor Has Arrived at Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio is back with another Predator statue and this time we are getting one from the newest movie in the film franchise with, The Predator (2018). The film was not the best out of the franchise but it did add something truly unique to the Predator landscape, Predator Killer Armor. This unique armor set is so insane and badass that it might actually work. Prime 1 Studios is putting full faith into the Predator Killer Armor with their newest statue that will make any fan happy. This advanced tech suit is now in human control after the efforts of the Fugitive hero and they will stop any new threat that is real to come down at them. This killer statue stands roughly 29 inches tall and showcases that slick metallic finish that will pull in any collectors eye. The Predator helmet will have integrated LED function and of course show off these iconic dreadlocks wore by these hunters. The suit is showing off all its hidden arsenal with an extended gauntlet blade and two shoulder cannons ready to fire.

This Predator Killer Armor will be a deadly addition to any fans collection and will have others beware. The Premium Masterline The Predator (2018) Predator Killer Armor Statue from Prime 1 Studio is priced at $1,099. He is set to release between January and April 2022 and can be found located here. Payment plans are offered so make sure you take advantage of them if needed.

"That's my new suit!– Quinn McKenna. Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1:4 scale Premium Masterline Predator Killer from the Shane Black directed movie, The Predator (Film). The Predator Killer is an advanced technological suit brought to Earth by the Fugitive Predator to give humans the chance to fight back. In this 2018 installment of The Predator franchise, we find the Assassin Predator hunting the Fugitive Predator for this special piece of technology. The importance of this lies so heavy that the Fugitive Predator loses his life for it. Finally, the humans recover this in the form of a pod."

"An advanced piece of technology indeed! In this special pod lies the Predator Killer! This suit automatically binds to a human to create the ultimate killing machine. Standing atop the pod it was birthed in, the Predator Killer stands 29 inches tall and ready! Captured in the most epic of poses, Quinn's self-proclaimed suit features a sleek metallic finish with not one, but TWO shoulder cannons. The Predator helmet features an LED illumination feature complete with the trademark Predator dreadlocks. Standing proudly with his gauntlet extended, the Predator Killer is sure to be an enticing addition to your collection. We have taken the utmost attention to detail to bring you the most screen accurate Predator Killer on the market! Display with our first The Predator statue, PMTPR-01: Fugitive Predator to create the most presence-commanding Predator set up ever! A must have for Predator fans everywhere!"


  • One (1) "Predator Killer" Pod themed base
  • One (1) LED illuminated portrait

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