Track Some Aliens with a New HCG Replica Aliens Tracker

Aliens, it's a science-fiction pop culture classic. It's one of the very worst sequels out there that is almost as good if not better than the first, in my opinion. Nothing shows love to a movie like owning a prop replica and with Hollywood Collectibles Group you can bring home an M314 Motion Tracker Aliens prop replica. It is the most screen accurate replica Motion Tracker on the market. HCG even went through the hassle of getting all the original components that the prop master Terry Reed used to make it from Aliens. They wanted to make sure that not only that they did correct by the movie but to produce something perfect for the fans. It is built using a thick high-quality injection-molded polymer with a combination of metal and other mixed media. There are even electronics functions on the M314 that gives you light and sound. If you press a button, a video sequence starts showing the aliens closing in and it gives you that eerie beeping noise. It does include a tabletop display stand so you can make this a priority piece of your collection. If you're a fan of Aliens and then this is proper up a girl for you and you should act fast because there is only going to be 1000 of them made. So be one of the select few and own this M314 motion tracker prop replica from Aliens today.

The M314 Motion Tracker Prop Replica from Hollywood Collectibles Group is priced at $700. It is set to ship out between December 2019 and February 2020 so be on the lookout. There are only 1000 of these bad boys being made so act fast before it's too late. Pre-order links are already live and you can find them here! Don't forget to check out all the other amazing Hollywood Collectibles Group props coming out soon too.

"It's reading right man look!"

Track Some Aliens with a New HCG Replica Aliens Tracker


M314 Motion Tracker Prop Replica by Hollywood Collectibles Group


Sideshow and Hollywood Collectibles Group present the M314 Motion Tracker Prop Replica! 

To produce a screen accurate replica of the Motion Tracker we first had to track down all of the original components that the prop master for Aliens, Terry Reed, used to make the original. This included the correct Kango 426 hammer drill casing and Hama slide viewer.  Using these parts, accurate prototypes were built to enable the production of a replica that is faithful to the prop seen in the movie.

Constructed using a thick, high quality, injection molded polymer case, metal and other mixed media  (just like the original), our Motion Tracker replica also features authentic working electronics and sound!  A press of the button and the video sequence starts with the Aliens closing in, and the "beeps" getting ever closer together……. 

Includes a tabletop display stand. As with all Hollywood Collectibles Group pieces this Museum Quality, Life-Size Replica is meticulously crafted to the finest detail.

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