Solo New York Keeps Collectibles and Travels Luxurious This New Year

There has been a lot of amazing collectibles have started to appear recently, from new popular Star Wars figures from Hasbro to in-demand Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures from NECA. As collectors, The Hunt is part of what we do, as we try to get some of these amazing pieces for our own collection. Thankfully, our friends over at Solo NY, have an amazing way to help your collectible travels. Whether you are leaving the city, going on vacation, or making simple collectibles run, NY Solo has the right bag for you. This time we got to take a look at the Grand Travel TSA Backpack that makes it designed for travelers to achieve a hassle-free journey through airport security.

The Grand Travel TSA Backpack from Solo NY features an elegant design with two major compartments that store plenty of goodies. The first is a fully padded back compartment that can fully open, making access to it very simple and easy. It can store a laptop up to 17.3" tall and will work great for comic book travel, especially at conventions. The larger main compartment is pretty massive, having travelers hold up to 30L of storage. Being a collector, the Solo NY bag easily fit Funko Pops, Star Wars Black Series figures, and some books all quite nicely with even room for more. Taking it even further, the Marvel Legends Deadpool Head fit perfectly in it, with no trouble closing it, and had plenty of space for much more. The main compartment is quite deep, allowing multiple layers of collectibles or clothes with a great feature.

The Grand Travel TSA Backpack from Solo NY is an amazing bag that can please many travels, workers, and collectors alike. The extended zippers that give more access to the compartments are pretty awesome and will allow more storage and faster access to your contents. The Grand Travel bag is big and somehow also slender, allowing for big and small collectibles and items alike to fit comfortably inside. Small pockets also help greatly as they can hold phones, bottles, and more, which will be a great bag to have when hitting conventions (once they start again). Solo NY does a remarkable job at creating bags for every situation, and fans can find more about them and other bags here. Collectors and travelers who are interested in the Grand Travel TSA Backpack can find them located here. Keep your collectibles safe and your hands-free with these amazing bags that will take your collectibles hunting game up a notch.

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