Start Your Own Legion of Doom With McFarlane Toys Bizarro

As the DC Multiverse continues to grow, McFarlane Toys is starting to expand outside the realm of Batman. Many fans of the new McFarlane Toys figure line have been annoying that the line seems heavy in the Batman products. While that might seem true, they are continuing to expand their line to many other reaches of the DC Multiverse, and it shows. One of the most recent figures on shelves now is the known Superman villain, Bizarro. Bizarro has had a variety of different variations over the years, but this version is based on the imperfect Superman clone from Lex Luthor. Designed after his appearance in Superman #42, McFarlane brings the raw street and child-like mentality alive with this remarkable figure.

Bizarro has an almost identical body sculpt as the other Superman figures, like the Infected Superman, released for the Dark Nights Metal wave. The figure stands 7" tall and comes with a secondary set of swappable hands, adding some variety to the way you can pose him. The extra hands are the same as most other figures, which is not a surprise but I wish we could get more of a variety. McFarlane Toys does capture some great detail with this Bizarro, though from the deformed face to the reverse S design on his chest. Articulation on this beast is incredible, and the double jointed arms take the posing to a whole new super level. His cape does feature some torn detail, and it is a nice touch showing off that darker "I am not Superman" detail.

These uncommon solo hero and villain figure releases from McFarlane Toys are amazing, and it needs to do more. It is not often that we get collectibles for these odd DC Comics characters like Bizarro and Azreal, and I love that they are giving them the time of day. I hope we can see more of these villains get the figure treatment with maybe a release of Lobo, Lex Luthor, Cheetah, and maybe even a Captain Cold or Reverse Flash. McFarlane Toys is dominating the DC Comics collectibles game with these figures, and fans will want to join in on the fun. Pre-orders and in-stock DC Multiverse figures from McFarlane Toys can be found here. Stay tuned for closer looks at more DC Multiverse figures like Gorilla Grodd, The Last Knight on Earth, and Dark Nights Death Metal.

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