The Mandalorian Monopoly Includes Retro Stromtrooper Figure

Specialty game editions are nothing new, but The Mandalorian is getting one! In preparation for the premiere of season two of The Mandalorian, Mando Mondays have started to get fans excited. The event will take place every single Monday and will be the event to showcase new toys, apparel, books, games, and so much more to continue the hype for this new live-action Star Wars story. Today we already got plenty of surprises, but one of the biggest ones was the Hasbro announcement of The Mandalorian Retro Collection. We already saw seven figures were announced that all pay tribute to the original line of Star Wars Kenner action figures. However, one that they did not include seems to be exclusive to the special edition Monopoly set! The Remnant Stormtrooper is included special with each Monopoly game to help collectors expand their needs. This will, of course, be a must-have figure to finish your Mando Retro collection.

Monopoly has always been a fun game, and now you can experience it in the world of The Mandalorian. From special game pieces to the Stormtrooper Retro Collection figure, this will be a great addition Do any fans growing Star Wars collection. The Star Wars: The Mandalorian Edition Monopoly Game is set $49.99 in such a release in fall 2020. This Game will be set as an exclusive to Hasbro Pulse in shopDisney, which you can find links for here. This is the only way to lock down that Retro Collection Stormtrooper, so do not miss out.

The Mandalorian Monopoly Includes Retro Stromtrooper Figure
Credit: Hasbro

"MONOPOLY: STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN EDITION With Figure – (HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available: Fall 2020). Imagine traveling around a dangerous galaxy where Imperial enemies threaten the safety of THE CHILD. Players can play as THE MANDALORIAN, CARA DUNE, IG-11, or KUIIL. THE CHILD token lets players access their character's special ability as well as THE CHILD'S unique ability. Buy hideouts, win battles, and earn Imperial credits. The player with the most Imperial credits wins, but if an Imperial enemy gets THE CHILD, the game's over! MONOPOLY: STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN EDITION, inspired by THE MANDALORIAN live-action TV series on Disney Plus, includes a 3.75-inch Retro Collection REMNANT STORMTROOPER figure, with original 1980s figure design and detailing!"

Includes gameboard, 4 Character tokens, 1 THE CHILD token, 4 Character Ability cards, 1 THE CHILD card, 1 MOFF GIDEON token, 1 INCINERATOR STORMTROOPER token, 1 DEATH TROOPER token, 9 Imperial Enemy cards (1 MOFF GIDEON, 4 INCINERATOR STORMTROOPERS, 4 DEATH TROOPERS) 16 Hideout cards, 20 Signet cards, 75 plastic Imperial Credits, 2 dice, Retro Collection REMNANT STORMTROOPER figure, and game guide. Available exclusively at Hasbro Pulse and shopDisney."

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