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The Sins of Mr. Sinister Arrive with Iron Studios Latest X-Men Statue 

Iron Studios is back with a new set of impressive statue that will enhance any collection like this new X-Men statue 

Mr. Sinister has been very busy lately, kicking off his grand scheme in Marvel Comics Sins of Sinister. Iron Studios is bringing this genetic scientist to life with a brand new 1/10 Art Scale X-Men statue. Coming in at 14" tall, Mr. Sinister is depicted floating over the debris of a destroyed Sentinel robot. His design is faithfully recreated from Marvel Comics, featuring his lush flowing cape with signature pale white skin. This statue will be a must-have piece for any X-Men fans and will fit perfectly with Iron Studios' massive X-Men 1/10 Art Scale collection. Mr. Sinister is one of the more popular X-Men villains in Marvel Comics, so I am surprised it has taken this long for us to get a statue of him. Either way, he is a welcome addition, and Iron Studios is unleashing the Sins of Sinister with this bad boy for $239.99. Pre-orders are live right here with a Q2 2024 release, and be sure to check out more Marvel statues like this right here. 

Mr. Sinister's Master Plan Begins at Iron Studios

With a white skin as cold as marble, red eyes with no pupil, and sharp teeth, his appearance justifies his name. Genetically transformed, one of the brightest geneticists in the world enhanced his transformation for years, incorporating the genetic material of certain mutants into his DNA to get more abilities. Using his telekinetic powers that allow him to levitate, the unique villain floats over the mechanic debris of a Sentinel robot on fire, probably from its recent destruction."

"With the ability to control each molecule from his body, capable of absorbing the impacts and regenerating any damage, of altering and modifying his mass with a shape-shifting ability that allows him to assume the form of anyone, together with many other powers such as telepathy, concussive blasts, speed, endurance, strength, and superhuman senses, make him one of the most dangerous and lethal enemies of the X-Men. 

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