Let's Take A Look At Super7's Thundercats ReAction Wave 1 Figures

Thundercats fans certainly are being spoiled right now. Super7's Ultimates figures are out now, with four waves already having been up for order, And now we have another line from the company as their first wave of ReAction figures are hitting stores and shipping. Some are not fans of the ReAction line, but I cannot fathom why that is, especially if you have any affinity for the Kenner lines of old. Featuring great sculpts and a wide variety of characters, ReAction is one of the deepest character rosters around, and now Thundercats joins them. Let's take a look at the first six figures.

Thundercats Were Born To Be ReAction Figures

To start, the packaging, as always, is spectacular. Modeled after the Kenner Star Wars figures of old, it never ceases to amaze me how much I enjoy seeing these cardbacks. Doubly so since these are Thundercats figures. As you can see from Slithe up there, the cardback features each character on the side of the blister window and the classic Thundercats logo at the top. On the back is a cool diorama featuring the entire wave. I will forever feel guilty for opening these.

Once we do open them, though, they are just so much fun. Each comes with their weapons; they came within the old LJN line from the '80s and range from basic to intricate as far as sculpting goes. The best two Thundercats ReAction figures are by far Slithe and Mumm-Ra, as they feature more details than some of the others. My personal favorite is Slithe. I have always liked him, and they perfectly captured him, right down to his weird head tilt. All of the figures are spot on and feel like they came right from the '80s.

You would have a hard time convincing someone these Thundercats are not vintage. The look, the charm, it is all there for these to be some of the better Thundercats figures to add to your displays. You can add them by ordering them right here.

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