Thundercats Ultimates By Super7: Let's Look At Panthro

Super7 has finally begun shipping its new Thundercats Ultimates figures to collectors after a long, long wait. The first wave, made up of four figures, includes some heavy-hitters as well: Mumm-Ra, Jackalman, Panthro, and Lion-O. These figures were already released by Mattel a few years back, but now that Super7 has the license and is moving forward with the line, they decided to re-release these in case people missed them (like me); that way, everyone is on a level playing field as collectors. Anticipation is high for these, and over the next couple of days, we will take a look at all four figures, starting today with Panthro.

Thundercats Ultimates Panthro Is Fantastic…Except for One Thing

First, as always, we have to commend the packaging. Super7 Ultimates figures always have the same box inside a slipcase design, but where they shine is the key art and little winks and nods to fans. Like securing and utilizing the original Thundercats logo. They didn't have to do that, but there it is. The slipcase with the foil logo is top-notch, and the red on black is perfect. After removing the slip, the figures and the sheer amount of accessories become fully visible and make your jaw drop. The character bios on the back are great as well. All you MOC collectors take note: it doesn't get much better than this.

Once out of the box, the figure will impress you, with one glaring problem. The trunks are not the correct color. It is a bummer that this got screwed up, but Super7 has acknowledged this mistake and will be sending out replacement pieces that have the correct color. On top of that, they will be sending a bonus Panthro glowing eyes head as a sorry. Pretty neat. That aside, this is a fun figure. He comes with so many different accessories; it is hard to keep track of them all. He comes with his nunchucks, a spinning piece for alternate nunchucks, a Thundometer, the Key of Thunera, a wrench, a welding gun, goggles, a detonator, a communicator, a pair of extra hands, and an interchangeable head. Whew, that is a ton. All of them fit perfectly into the hands that he comes with, and the swappable parts all are easy to remove and replace. He stands well, and the articulation points on mine are nice and tight. Thundercats fans will like that the logo on his belt seems more prominent than on the old Mattel release too.

I love the goggles look. They fit perfectly, and I love that we can have mechanic Panthro on our toy shelf now. My other favorite accessory is the spinning nunchucks piece. While a little flimsy and heavy for the figure, it looks super cool when he poses with it. It weighs his arm down a bit, so raising it above the head is a no go, but on the side looks epic anyway, and then it is easier to balance the figure.

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This figure quite simply is great. I did not own the original, so this one is all new to me. So, in my eyes, this could not be a better kick-off to this new and exciting line of figures, trucks mistake and all. They are correcting it, so I won't ding it for that. I have waited my whole life for an amazing Thundercats line, and now that it is here, I could not be more pumped. You can grab these still right here.

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