NECA Reveals TMNT Pizza Monster Xenomorph Tribute Figure

The TMNT line by NECA, and by that, I mean everything: movie figures, animated figures, video game figures, maybe the best line of figures we will ever get. The details on these figures are incredible; the accessories are exhaustive, the deep cuts in figure choices are second to none. Throw in the fact that you feel like you have accomplished something when you find them, and you would be hard-pressed to top their run with TMNT. One figure, though, I have always said, would put it over the top for me. And today, out of nowhere, we got that figure. Down below, you can check out the TMNT Ultimate Pizza Monster figure.

The Ultimate TMNT & Alien Mash-Up Finally Gets The Figure It Deserves

"After being accidentally exposed to radioactive ooze, four ordinary household pets are transformed into a band of wisecracking, pizza-loving, villain-dicing adolescent reptiles! Whether it's facing fierce enemies or saving humanity from near extinction, with the guidance of their Sensei, these Heroes in a Half Shell are always ready for straight outta the sewer action! The Pizza Monsters come from Dimension X and are part of a plot to defeat the Turtles, which ultimately fails and requires both sides to team up to defeat the alien threat. This Ultimate Pizza Monster towers over the Turtles at 9″ tall and includes its juvenile Pizza Monster form, pizza in a box, and a remote control device. Comes in collector-friendly box."

As a huge TMNT and Alien fan, this is a complete and utter home run that I wish I could get 100 of. The best part is that it is available for preorder from NECA directly for the next ten days. This kicks off three Fridays of TMNT NECA preorders with new reveals and preorders for some of the harder-to-find sets in the line, yet another example of NECA listening to us. Keep killing it over there guys, we all appreciate it. The Pizza Monster costs $34.99 and can be ordered here.

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