Tom and Jerry Funko Pops Hit Stores in August!

Tom and Jerry are joining the Funko family. This is one of those times where you see a new Pop announcement and just assume that they had been made ages ago — yet here we are! These were announced this morning.

A regular release of Tom and Jerry will be accompanied by two Target exclusives and a flocked set of the pair available later this year on the Funko shop store.

The fan favorite Tom and Jerry whose comedic antics
have run in various television series for nearly
80 years now joins Funko Pop!.
Tom is appropriately armed with a meat cleaver, which
he's attempting to conceal behind his back but never fear
because Jerry might be small but he always seems to gain the upper hand.
Jerry is armed with cheese and a shy smile. T
here's a good chance this frenemy
duo will wreck your house with their antics, but there's
no pair more entertaining or adorable.

Find Tom and Jerry holding explosives at Target!

A flocked 2-Pack will be available as a Funko Shop
Limited Edition Exclusive later this year!

Man, I wish the flocked versions were getting a regular release somewhere. Those look perfect! Funko Shop releases are all about timing, and I don't have very good luck with them, so YMMV. The Target exclusives have actually been a bit easier to find as of late, so there is hope for these as well. I kinda wish since they are both holding explosives that they were also a two-pack, but oh well. I will for sure be getting the regular releases regardless.

You can even preorder those right here already for August release.

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