Hasbro Sent Us A Bunch Of Transformers, Let's Look At Them

Transformers collectors have a lot to be thankful for this year. The War For Cybertron trilogy is barreling towards a conclusion, the Netflix series has been a huge success (with season 2 debuting later this month), and the return of Beast Wars in 2021 to the toy line has us buzzing big time. Before that, though, the Earthrise line continues to hit stores, and Hasbro was kind enough to send us over a big box of them to show. So Transformers fans, let's take a look at some of the new figures you can find in stores (maybe) right now, especially for those looking for a good last-minute gift for the Autobot or Decepticon in your life.

Hasbro Sent Us A Bunch Of Transformers, Let's Look At Them
The trailer for Conor McGregor's #UFC257 return has been released, and boy, can we not wait.

Arguably Transformers Toys Have Never Been Better

This War For Cybertron line has been exceptional. I liked quite a few of the Titans Return figures before this line change, but the bots themselves seemed a little plain if that makes sense. One of the things I have enjoyed about these new Transformers figures is the new paint aps and style applied to the figures. Weathering, blast marks, and other things like that give them character, especially since they are in a war right now. This box has a nice mix of Voyager and Deluxe Class figures, including Runamuck, Sunstreaker, Smokescreen, Trailbreaker, Fasttrack, a new Megatron, and the highly anticipated Quintesson Judge.

We are going to look at Megatron today because for as many of him that we get, I really fell in love with this one when I got him out of the package. I love, love, love this Megatron head. This is the most menacing I have seen this guy in a long time, and his cannons add to all of that. He is uber-flexible as well and a joy to get in your hands. All these Transformers War For Cybertron figures are just a joy to fool around with. He converts really easily to vehicle mode as well, and I love the weathering look to the tank treads. Just a really solid all-around bot this Megatron is. We all have a bunch of him, but this one stands out to me.

I cannot wait for the story to conclude with Transformers War For Cybertron: Kingdom and the Beast Wars included, but until then, try and track down these last of the Earthrise line. There are some really solid figures in this batch and thank you again to Hasbro for sending them over to me. You can find these in stores or online now.

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