We Unbox A Transformers War For Cybertron: Kingdom Box From Hasbro

Transformers collectors are in the midst of one of the most creative periods of content they have had in a good long while, and unlike most brands, it starts with the toy line. The War For Cybertron trilogy has been kicking butt for a few years now, bringing all sorts of classic bots and concepts back to the franchise. None have been as popular as the current Kingdom line, which is helping to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Beast Wars and bringing some of those popular characters from that show back into the figure line. To help celebrate, Hasbro was kind enough to send us over a care package of Transformers stuff to show you guys. Let's take a look at what was inside.

Transformers Beast Wars Has Fans Buzzing Big Time

War For Cybertron has me collecting more Transformers figures than I have in a long time. They have been on fire with these releases, and the Beast Wars love has just been epic. Walking into a store and seeing Optimus Primal and so many others on the pegs again after all these years.

I love the concept art they included; I wish Hasbro would do more stuff like this. Not just in the Transformers line, but across the board, they always have such killer packaging; I know I would buy a cool art book full of this stuff. They also included the first issue of the current IDW Beast Wars comic mini-series and, in a complete surprise, the first season of the show on DVD. I haven't watched these in so long; I am really looking forward to sitting down and watching it with my daughter. As far as figures go, they included two from the Kingdom line and two from the War For Cybertron line that can be found at Walmarts. From that line, we have a repack of Cheetor from the Kingdom line, as well as the Deseeus Army Drone. From Kingdom, Inferno, and Airazor, both from the latest wave releasing in stores now.

I went ahead and transformed the Drone, and he is a ton of fun. He switches pretty easily from robot mode to vehicle mode, and the weathering on the paint job gives this figure some real character. He really gave me an old-school feel when I was taking these pictures, especially in the arms. Really good articulation, and again, the colors really pop on this guy—a solid addition to any Transformers shelf.

All of these figures can be found in stores now or in online stores like Hasbro Pulse. Watch the video above to find out how YOU can win that Inferno; the contest runs through Tuesday! And thank you again to Hasbro for the box.

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