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How New Mutants Leads To Marvel's Dark Web And A New Inferno
In today's New Mutants #25, Magik is giving up her rule in Limbo/Hell, and transferring the powers and responsibilities to Madelyne Pryor, who, as the Goblin Queen, once ruled this afterlife during the eighties in Marvel's Inferno crossover. New Mutants #25 Something Marvel Comics is keen to point out in the editorial captions. New Mutants #25 Is this how[...]
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While Madelyne Pryor's identity as a cloned Jean Grey created by Mister Sinister was revealed and came to light as part of the eighties' event Inferno. Not the recent revival of that name from Jonathan Hickman but the original cross-company event, that saw New York possessed by hell, with scenes like this. With possessed mailboxes getting rather[...]
Jonathan Hickman On His Original Inferno Plans For Rogue
Rogue was absent from the recent X-Men: Inferno, despite her life being all twined up in those of the book's antagonists Mystique and Destiny The story saw Mystique disguised as Charles Xavier, see Hope Summer take his role in the Krakoan resurrection process and bring Destiny back from the dead Talking to the Xplain The[...]
X-Men #6 and Inferno #4 (Spoilers)
In previous issues of Inferno, we had learned that we were getting a Days Of Future Past in reverse The future from a mutant paradise created by Krakoa, coming back to the present to try and change what would come And that they had succeeded, creating a separate timeline, The House Of X becoming The[...]
Inferno Reveals That House Of X Is Days Of Future Past In Reverse
It's Skunkworks time! Checking back with Powers Of X #4 and this week's Inferno #3 to dig into all of Doug Ramsey's activities on the island of Krakoa, this graphic piece popped up from Powers Of X. Graphic from Powers Of X #4 They do like to use the phrase "skunkworks" on Krakoa… looking at the tenth[...]
Days Of Krakoan Futures Th
X-Men time! We already looked at how Inferno #3 has set up the entirety of the Krakoan Age of Mutants as Days Of Future Past, but the other way around With a perfect mutant paradise of a future, sending a human machine back in time to prevent it, and changing Moira Mactaggert's tenth timeline And[...]
Inferno Reveals That House Of X Is Days Of Future Past In Reverse
We have seen previous issues of Inferno take earlier scenes from Powers Of X and House Of X that kicked off the Krakoan age of X-Men mutants, and reframe them with new information In today's Inferno #3, we take a look back at those early issues again, such as this scene from Powers of X[...]
Inferno Reveals That House Of X Is Days Of Future Past In Reverse
Because people have asked if the X-Men are constantly tackling the big bad future, why does it never seem to change? Why is a version of Days Of Future Past always waiting? Welcome to Inferno #4. In Powers Of X, we saw many of Moira Mactaggert's different future lives, with mutants falling to humans, to machines,[...]
Read Last Week's X-Force Before This Week's Inferno (Spoilers)
Okay, there will be some Inferno spoilers here Some final page Inferno #2 spoilers I will run the spoiler warning sign before running them below But first, it would be handy if you had read X-Force #24 from a couple of weeks ago Because, while Jonathan Hickman's X-Men titles can often be read totally independently[...]
Jonathan Hickman's Departure From X-Men, Explained
Who, with Inferno, is stepping away from the X-Men books he had been showrunning for three years, with only the first arc of his planned X-Men storyline having come (partially) to fruition. Jonathan Hickman by Pat Loika, CC 2.0 Jordan: I feel like no matter how emphatic he is about it, people still kind of misconstrue it[...]
Truth About Kindred, Harry Osborn & Mephisto in Amazing Spider-Man #74
And with the launch of X-Men: Inferno being pipped to the top by the Amazing Spider-Man finale… Amazing Spider-Man Beats Inferno in the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week Amazing Spider-Man #74 Inferno #1 Thor #17 BRZRKR #5 Detective Comics #1,043 Justice League #68 Wolverine #16 Sword #8 Deathstroke Inc #1 Spawn #322 Thanks to the following Bleeding Cool Bestseller List[...]
Today's X-Books Remember When Storm Beat Cyclops Without Powers
Well, in today's Inferno #1 we see Cyclops stepping down from being a Captain of Krakoa, in favour of concentrating on leading the X-Men Ans Storm reminds him of the time he only gave up such positions with a fight. Storm in Inferno #1 And Cyclops claims to have grown up. Inferno #1 Considering that was compared to when[...]
Control, Cerebro & Cloning in the X-Men Comics
X-Men: Inferno #1, by Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti published today, is all about control We've already seen how that includes rewriting and redrawing previous scenes from previous comics But also how when people try and take control by force, push down from above, all sorts of things seep out the sides that might not[...]
Rewriting Moira MacTaggert's Third Life In Inferno #1 (Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of Inferno #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Valerio Schiti, and David Curiel But you may be forgiven for thinking it is drawn by Pepe Larraz Because Valerio explicitly redraws Pepe Larraz's scenes from House Of X #2 – and Curiel matches Marte Gracia's colours, as we saw Mystique and Destiny's confrontation with[...]
A Rogue-Less X-Men: Inferno From Jonathan Hickman?
This week sees the publication of Inferno #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti In which Mystique is looking to burn Krakoa to the ground after they declined to resurrect her wife Destiny But with all that going down, you might have thought that Mystique's daughter Rogue and current member of the main X-Men team[...]