Venom Takes on Agony and Riot with New Marvel Legends 3-Pack Set 

The Marvel Legends team has done it again as they debut a brand new 3-pack figure set. This one comes to us all the way from 1994 as the Marvel Comics story Venom: Separation Anxiety comes to life. In 1992 we got the arrival of Carnage, and after his success, it only made sense to add even more symbiotes to the family. With a sample of the Venom symbiote, the Life Foundation created not one but five new spawns! This consisted of Agony, Lasher, Phage, Riot, and Scream, all with unique looks, builds, colors, and bloody thirst attitudes. Hasbro has been slowly dishing out these figures, and we already have Marvel Legends for Scream, Phage, and Lasher. Some of these figures even go for a pretty penny, but so will this new set as Riot and Agony are finally here! 

We were shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 that Agony and Riot were already going to be heading our way. However, no one told us a new Venom Marvel Legends figure would be on the way as well with updated features. Venom is showcased on a new body than previous versions and will include a new Venom/Eddie head sculpt. The set will also include swappable hands for Agony, a swappable axe hand for Riot, and Venom will get a set of hands and a secondary full Venom head. It is not often we get one symbiote figure let alone three in one pack, and this will be a must have set for any Separation Anxiety fan. 

The Venom: Separation Anxiety set will be released exclusively through Amazon for $78 with a December 2022 release. Pre-orders will actually be arriving today at 1 PM EST, so set those alarms. Something else fans might need to be aware of is that this set does feature the new windowless packaging. However, Hasbro upgraded the packaging by adding real Ryan Stegman art of Venom batting Agony and Riot. This is exactly what fans need now that the windows are gone, and stay tuned for more talk on that soon. 

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