Waxwork Records Spinatures Series 1 Being Retired June 30th, On Sale

Waxwork Records moved into the collectibles market recently with the release of their Spinatures line of horror busts. Made to spin on top of your vinyl, they quickly became hugely popular, and with good reason. These are some of the highest quality busts you will ever see of some of these characters. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, Universal Monsters, They Live, Michael Myers…the horror icons have come fast and furious. Sadly, the first series is about to go away forever. Waxwork Records was kind enough to send over three more Spinatures for us to show you, ghouls, so check it out below.

Please Keep Making These Waxwork Records; There's So Many More To Do!

To start, as always, this packaging is fantastic. I will keep mentioning it every time we look at these. Coming in a nice square box, if you never wanted to open this, you would be forgiven. The figure is nicely posed in the box, behind a window box that shows off the figure in a spectacular way. The box art could not be more perfect, and there are great little touches that will warm the Monster Kid hearts. This Spinatures package was made with collectors in mind by Waxwork Records, that is for sure. I also love how these would stack, so like a Funko Pop, you can build the collection up and make better use of the real estate you have to work with. They really spent time thinking about every type of collector with the box, and it shows.

First up: we now have a complete set of the trick or treaters from Halloween 3, and these are some of the best depictions of these characters we have ever gotten. Each features one of the three masks from the film, and it is super difficult to pick a favorite, but I am going with the Jack-o-Lantern. I love how simple it is, and I am a sucker for a cool-looking pumpkin. All three are awesome, and as far as I am concerned, they are must-haves. Look how well that skull is sculpted, or the attention to detail on the witch! Even when I am not spinning these, Waxwork Records has created a line to display in horror collection for years to come.

The same can be said for the Universal Monsters Spinatures. Fans will go gaga over the new Creature one, with the detail work on the scales and eyes, my god. It spooked me out to look at the Creature. The best part is that these are incredibly lightweight while spinning on your turntable; the added weight is next to nothing. They look like they weigh a ton, but they just don't—quite the trick and appreciated.

Waxwork Records Spinatures Series 1 Being Retired June 30th, On Sale

I have the whole first wave, but Michael and The Politician from They Live are busy spinning. Sadly, you are almost out of time to add these to your horror collection. And you just have to. These are some of the highest quality busts on the market right now, and from now until June 30th, when Waxwork Records retire the set, they are on sale! Go here for more info and to order all of them.

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