Wolverine Gets An Iron Man Suit Upgrade From Sentinel

Iron Man continues his Marvel Universe upgrades as Sentinel announces their newest Sentinel figure. This time Wolverine is getting a costume change that will help stop all threats and even take flight. The Fighting Armor figure series from Sentinel is not new, and we have already seen Captain America, Iron Spider, and Iron Man receive them. Each one captures iconic Marvel heroes with new Iron Man styled design from repulsers to added armor. Wolverine is the newest addition standing in at 6.5" tall that comes with interchangeable hands that show off his extended claws. Both die-cast and plastic arts are used to capture an elegant look and statue true to real human body articulation. The classic yellow and blue X-Men colors return, and fans will now be able to show off a new and unique design for this amazing mutant.

The Fighting Armor series is a unique design that fuses classic Marvel heroes with the legendary Iron Man. These are creations that are new and fun to see for fans, old and new. The included repulser addition is the biggest appeal as it pulls in some truly unique that we have not seen before with Wolverine. The Fighting Armor Wolverine from Sentinel is priced at $104 and set to release in June 2021. Pre-orders are already online, and fans can find there located here as well here for some of the there Sentinel figures also coming soon.

"Wolverine appears in the 4th installment of the new action figure series "Fighting Armor". If Tony Stark armored the Avengers' abilities … a toy original concept series. Designed by Mitsunari Otenfu, a designer who is a Toy Mania of Wolverine. Hiroyuki Komatsubara is in charge of prototype production and direction. It is modeled with the "suit" that contains the human body in mind, and each joint point pursues movement at a position extremely close to the human body. Die-casting is used in various places to reproduce a profound feeling. Arms with Adamantium claws have a massive shape. A pedestal for action scenes in the air is also included."

  • Product Name: Fighting Armor Wolverine
  • Title of work: MARVEL
  • Genre: Action Figure
  • Price: 11,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Release: Scheduled to be released in June 2021
  • Size: Height approx. 165mm
  • Accessories: Body, wrist A (left and right with claws), wrist B (left and right), wrist C (left and right), pedestal

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