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Iron Man Builds His Own Loki Armor with Sentinel’s Fighting Armor 
Sentinel is back with yet another Iron Man Fighting Armor figure as mischief arrives with the debut of Loki When the Fighting Armor line arrived, I thought it was Avengers suiting up in their own unique set of armor Over time, I have come to find out that the Fighting Armor line is Tony Stark[...]
Thor Wears with Own Iron Man Suit of Armor with New Sentinel Figure 
What If each member of the Avengers had their own unique set of Iron Man armor created by Tony Stark? Well, look no further as Sentinel's 6" Fighting Armor line continues as the God of Thunder has arrived Whether this is Thor is a suit of armor or a suit of Iron Man armor designed[...]
Transformers Starscream Takes Action with New Sentinel Nendoroid 
Sentinel has revealed that another Transformers Nendoroid figure is on the way as the battle of Earth contours This marks the fourth Transformers Nendoroid to get released with Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Nemesis Prime Another Decepticon is joining the cause as Starscream is ready for his time to shine These little bots do not transform[...]
Transformers Nemesis Prime Gets Mini with New Sentinel Figure
Sentinel is back as they have a new Transformers Nendoroid heading our way as a loyal servant of Unicorn has arrived Nemesis Prime is back as this evil clone of Optimus Prime takes the face of the Autobot Leader and twists it for evil Whether you follow the Transformers storyline of Nemesis Prime being a[...]
War Machine Brings The Heat with New Marvel Fighting Armor Figure
Sentinel's Fighting Armor continues as pre-orders arrive for their newest Marvel action figure with the arrival of War Machine the Fighting Armor figure line showcases some of your favorite Marvel Comics figures, but with an Iron Man upgrade We have seen quite a few of these already line with Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Black[...]
Transformers Megatron Reigns Supreme with New Sentinel Nendoroid
Sieging control of Cybertron has never looked so adorable as Sentinel has revealed their newest Transformers Nendoroid Megatron is here to destroy all of the Autobots with this miniaturized figure that is loaded with detail and articulation This is the second Transformers Nendoroid figure to come out of Sentinel, with Optimus Prime deploying out first[...]
Bleeding Cool Top 10 Figures For 2021- Jeremy's Picks: Lots Of NECA
Excellent stuff. Credit Hasbro HasLab Sentinel I did not back this HasLab I picked this up after the fact, out of complete FOMO, and boy am I glad I did This thing is epic and a centerpiece of any Marvel fan's collection When Hasbro introduced this program, I was skeptical that they could really deliver bang for your[...]
Black Panther Gets an Iron Man Upgrade with New Fighting Armor Figure
Sentinel is back with another one of their Fighting Armor figures as Black Panther suits up and is ready for some action The Fighting Armor figure line is a set of Marvel Comics heroes and villains with a new Stark Industries upgrade Iron Man kicked off the line with others like Deadpool, Captain America, Wolverine,[...]
Sentinel Reveals New Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse SP//dr Figure
Sentinel continues to explore the multiverse as they reveal another figure from the hit animated film; Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Joining Peter B Parker and Miles Morales is Peni Parker and her robot SP//dr companion bot with nothing in a 6″ Scale SV-Action Figure Set Sadly, Peni Parker is not an actual figure but is[...]
Spider-Man Upgrades His Suit with New Fighting Armor Sentinel Figure
Sentinel is back with another one of their Fighting Armor Marvel Comics figure with another web-slinging superhero Spider-Man is back and is getting a brand new Iron Spider design with a more classic blue and red design than the red and gold Sentinel's Fighting Armor series features some of your favorite heroes from the Marvel[...]
Spider-Man Prepares For The Spider-Verse With New Sentinel Release
Sentinel has revealed their upcoming SV-Action Figure that is loaded with web-slinging accessories, swappable parts, and a fun display base Spider-Man will come with three swappable head sculpts, allowing fans to display both Ultimate Universe blonde-haired Peter and Peter B Parker from the normal universe Some of the included accessories are a coffee mug, glasses,[...]
Deadpool Gets His Own Iron Man Suit With Sentinel Fighting Armor
There is no better way to celebrate Deadpool's birthday than with a brand new action figure announcement from Sentinel The company has unveiled that the Merc with a Mouth is joining their Marvel Fighting Armor figure line This wise-cracking anti-hero will now join Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Captain America with his own die-cast upgrade[...]
Wolverine Gets An Iron Man Suit Upgrade From Sentinel
Iron Man continues his Marvel Universe upgrades as Sentinel announces their newest Sentinel figure This time Wolverine is getting a costume change that will help stop all threats and even take flight The Fighting Armor figure series from Sentinel is not new, and we have already seen Captain America, Iron Spider, and Iron Man receive[...]
FLCL is Back With Brand New Canti Figures From 1000 Toys
Both Red and Blue Canti's are back as they get a complete rework for their original 2021 release from Sentinel 1000 Toys brings these FLCL robots right off the screen and onto your shelves with better articulation with the use of new die-cast parts Both FLCL Canti's stand 7" tall and will come with a[...]
Miles Morales is Back with New Animated Figure from Sentinel
Sentinel is taking us back into the Spider-Verse with the brand-new six-inch figure The figure will be part of a new toy line called SV-Action, with the first figure being Miles Morales from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse They capture his animated style perfectly as he stands 5 inches tall and features about 30 points of[...]