A Pivotal Issue: Wayward #13 Brings Us The Battle At Tokyo Tower

If you thought last months issue of Wayward, was action-packed you're going to be blown away by this one. The battle at Tokyo Tower is raging in Wayward #13, from Image Comics, written by Jim Zub, with art by Steve Cummings. All of the characters that we've seen developing the powers and growing are ready to attack whatever comes at them with all they've got. To start, I want to talk about the panels I've posted below. This page is within the first few pages of the issue.

[WARNING: Spoilers for Wayward #13 below!]

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 1.21.06 PM

The dialogue is from the old man, leader of the Yokai, and what is so fascinating is so much is said in one page. We see each character in their element, preparing for battle. Zub's writing is so precise and therefore quite powerful. The word "children" really stuck out to me while reading, because even though I have been aware all along that they're all young, the positions that they're put in make them appear to be more mature and adult-like. However, in this case it's quite sad to read that they really don't have a choice. They've been through so much turmoil, and are fueled by motives beyond their control.

From that point, the war is on. Page after page of victorious battle. In fact, you don't really see any of them failing at any point. They attack the army with so much power, and as a reader, I felt proud for them…up until a certain point. I was happy that Zub included the panels below. Nikaido kind of throws in a logical line or two, but knows that it won't help.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 1.20.52 PM

Some of the characters like, Shirai, destroy the enemies with joy and throws his powers around like a careless child. It's almost like a party for him. I won't give too much away, but as you get to the end of the issue, you'll begin to see the different reactions and opinions of the characters. I began to feel conflicted and torn up for them. It's clear that things won't be the same after this, but I'm truly looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. Don't miss out on this pivotal issue. Pick up your copy of Wayward #13 today.

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