Comic Shops Without Their Comics

Not everyone is as lucky as Midtown Comics in Times Square.

One store in Pennsylvania that closed earlier this week due to the Hurricane but opened on Wednesday, has come to the realisation that no one knows where their week's worth of comics are. Diamond shipped most comics by UPS this week, leading to significant delays… but some seem to have lost their week's comics all together.

Over in New Jersey, another store has discovered their comics are trapped in UPS tractor trailers, with no news as to when they may hit the road.

Another in New Jersey tracked their order to a UPS service station in New York without any update.

There is good news… deliveries to affected areas from Diamond Olive Branch using UPS's Virginia services are getting through. For the rest, some are hoping for delivery on Monday. But with the word that Diamond may have to use UPS in certain areas for next week as well, there may be more of this to come.

And of course there are those who still don't have power. And are considering burning comics for the heat…

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