Drolling For Clicks – How The Revealed Identity Of Thor Makes Sense

RJ Droll writes for Bleeding Cool,

So by now, the spoilers have started to trickle out, and the identity of the new Thor is out of the bag. People seem surprised, but since the announcement of the new female God of Thunder, I've been telling everyone who would listen that this was exactly how it would turn out.

In case you need some extra space, the new Thor is…


…Dr. Jane Foster, and it looks like her newfound super-heroing isn't helping her cancer treatments.

While I'm sure Tumblr or Twitter will soon 'correct' my opinion on this, or try to educate me on how Jason Aaron is a horrible misogynistic person for making Dr. Foster Thor, right at this moment I'm thrilled by the reveal, and basking in the knowledge that I called this correctly since the initial announcement.

For those of you who were on the Roz Solomon bandwagon or (really more inexplicably) holding out hope it'd be Crystal of the Inhumans, let me walk you through what you missed.

Thor: God of Thunder #12

While people have been hung up on this issue introducing Agent Solomon of S.H.I.E.L.D., they've overlooked Dr. Foster's soft-reintroduction. Even though she was seen only a few months prior in Journey Into Mystery, this issue had her reuniting with Thor in a big way. It also established she had cancer. Why was this a big deal? Because it was a soft, emotional scene that carried no resonance if Thor simply flew away at the end of the issue and left us all wondering whether or not chemotherapy would work of if we'd later see him weeping in front of a tombstone when we learned she died 'off camera'. Aaron had to be either pulling a really lame fridging, or setting Jane up for a major plotline.

The issue also had a rather poignant 'date' between Dr. Foster and the Odinson set, in places, on the moon.

Thor: God of Thunder #24

This issue ended with Asgard leaving Earth, and Jane going with the All-Mother to join the Congress of Worlds. So now, right before the end of the series (and days before the announcement of the new female Thor), Jane was living in Asgard…still with cancer. If anyone still doubted Jason Aaron had plans for her, they really weren't paying attention.

thor1coverThe Announcement of the New Thor

Marvel's unveiling of the new Thor on "The View" came with some promotional images from Russell Dauterman. While it was very subtle, even my non-comic reading boyfriend/ now fiancé saw exactly what I saw: Dauterman drew the new Thor to look like actress Natalie Portman. Go, check it out…especially the cover to Thor #1. There's even a random, inconsequential flake of…something floating on the cheek of her helmet, mimicking where Ms. Portman has a beauty mark.

Thor #1-7

Even though the issue wanted readers to believe that Freyja was Thor, that was quickly put to rest when we saw the new Thunder God's thought bubbles, revealing she was human. The letter column in issue #2 wanted us to believe it was Roz Solomon, but the shadow we saw pick up the hammer in issue #1 was wearing a dress/ robe. While it was believable that Roz could get to the Blue Area of the Moon, it was really questionable as to why she'd do it wearing a dress.

As for how Jane got to the moon…well, probably the same way the entire host of Asgarians got there: the Bifrost. If you go back to Thor: God of Thunder #25, Odinson told Jane that Hemidall could use it to get her back to Earth for her cancer treatments, so why not to the Moon (where she knew she could breathe, thanks to Thor: God of Thunder #12)?

So there you have it…if you're one of people who doubted me/ argued with me over the last year or so…I told you so. If I know you in person, I've rewritten Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" to "I Told You So" and will probably be singing it to you the next time I see you. It's not my best work, as I rhymed "Thor's Identity" with "Looked like Natalie", but it works in a pinch.

Also, really sorry for all of you who bought Thor God of Thunder #12 on eBay for $20 over the last month…

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