Heavenly Blues #5 Review: Scamming an Archangel

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The crew continue their crusade into the depths of Heaven. While they are doing so, we see the backstory and life of the Coin Counter. He and Amunet are scouting out heaven's express train while Jefferson and Erin continue to play Uriel like a fiddle. Unfortunately, Uriel has a powerful weapon at his disposal, and the Coin Counter finds someone he knew in his lifetime.

Heavenly Blues #5 cover by Bruno Hidalgo
Heavenly Blues #5 cover by Bruno Hidalgo

Heavenly Blues keeps getting better and has yet to disappoint me. This issue dives into the depths of the Coin Counter, and he proves to be yet another compelling character in this roster. He and Amunet have a cute relationship going, and you want to see them ride off into the sunset together.

There is a possible betrayal in this issue that, while it is resolved by the end, was well composed, because you wouldn't be able to tell whether it was a ruse or a genuine attempt to get out of the ploy.

Uriel is a scary bastard to boot. He is given a thick Scottish accent for some reason, and he is constantly threatening to gut anyone who looks at him oddly.

The difference between Heaven and Hell appears to be a class metaphor, and it is especially noticeable in this issue. It's an easy comparison to make, but I will give Heavenly Blues credit for not driving the point home too hard.

Bruno Hidalgo's artwork continues to be a strong aspect of the comic, giving the characters unique appearances and expressive faces. The design of Heaven is interesting and oddly reminiscent of Columbia from Bioshock Infinite. The color palette is quite good too, giving Heaven an almost cold glow that doesn't feel as embracing as one might expect.

Heavenly Blues #5 is another excellent chapter in the series, further fleshing out its cast of characters while advancing its story towards a solidly unpredictable conclusion. There are some good twists, and the art continues to impress. This comic earns another recommendation. Check it out.

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