"Queen Mother Puffer!" The Plot Unfolds In I Hate Fairyland #4

I've been considering that this just might be my favorite comic on shelves right now, and the fourth issue has confirmed it. I Hate Fairyland written and illustrated by Skottie Young, is entertaining, funny, and wacky as wacky can be. At the end of the last issue we were introduced to a rival guest named Happy. Her determination to find the key that Gertrude has been searching for was met with a different approach, a much more cheery one in fact. Surprising? Probably not, as you've most likely learned that Gertrude doesn't have a cheery bone in her body.


Well, we get to see a lot that feisty spirit when Gertrude confronts Queen Cloudia about the new guest. As a small detail, I loved learning that Larry's full name is Larrigon. Moving forward, the plot development throughout the issue is well-paced and we get to see the lengths that Gertrude has to go to, to really be successful.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.46.31 PMI found the panel below to be very interesting, and of course Young adds a bit of comedy. The stakes are even higher now. If Gertrude doesn't get the key, her worst nightmare will come true. Overall, I think that the issue was balanced well. Lots of action, lots of sarcasm, and a lovely cliffhanger to keep us wanting more. I can't wait to see was Skottie Young cooks up next. If you're not reading this comic yet, seriously? What are you waiting for? 

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.48.31 PM


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