Dave Filoni Is Reluctant to Let Other People Work with His Star Wars Characters

When you create characters in a massive franchise like Star Wars it seems inevitable that you're going to lose control of them eventually. Even George Lucas no longer has creative control of his own creations and giving up that sense of ownership and control can be difficult.

It's not any different on the animated side of the Star Wars coin as Dave Filoni spoke to ComicBook.com about letting other people work with characters like Sabine and Ahsoka.

"That would be hard. That would be, to be honest. That'd be really hard for me to do at this point, just because I've been a part of it for so long. Since, especially, Ahsoka's beginning," Filoni said. "I can't imagine not being involved in some way with what would happen to her. Or Sabine, for that matter."

Dave Filoni Is Reluctant to Let Other People Work with His Star Wars Characters

The ending of Star Wars Rebels was both a conclusion but also left the door open for something new. It's the end of the war and now both Sabine and Ahsoka have completed their duties. The series ends with the two women going out to find Ezra and bring him him with the implication of further adventures to possibly come.

"I didn't want something that wrapped up too neatly for Rebels. I wanted this feeling of adventure continuing, and I thought who better to continue the adventure than these two women who were very compelling in both," Filoni noted. "You know, it's like a unification of Clone Wars and Rebels, really, taking those two characters further. I have a great deal of ideas on what they've been up to, and where they go. It's really, I think, fantastic."

Dave Filoni Is Reluctant to Let Other People Work with His Star Wars Characters

Ever since that final scene fans have been wondering if that's going to be Filoni's next show and he admits he should probably figure out what happens next though he wants to make sure that he gets the story right before telling it.

"I feel a responsibility to know and start to figure out what that story is because the fans seem really interested in it, as I'm interested in it," the producer confessed. "Whether it actually ever happens, I don't know yet, but I still think about it anyway. I think of all kinds stories, and some of them happen and find their way into a release, and some don't."

He added, "I think it's important to know the story. Especially 'cause there are other creatives and other people to come along that will ask questions to me, the same as you. 'Wow. Well, what happened there?' And so I like to know, and I'm kind of protective of certain character groups. So I feel responsible to know, 'Well, here's what happened.'"

Filoni has two projects in the works; Star Wars Resistance which premieres on Disney XD this fall and another season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars set to debut on the Disney streaming service.

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