Joe Quinones Shares His 6th Grade Mario Paint Wolverine, Spider-Man, Batman, And Spawn


The Nerdy Show run an excellent site, and recently shared this piece with Bleeding Cool, thinking it might tickle the fancy of superhero comic fans and animators alike:

Every artist has got to get a start somewhere, right? But all-star Marvel/DC artist Joe Quinones won't bore you with middle-school art crafted in traditional mediums – oh no! In a show of true nerd colors, last week Quinones posted some of his sixth grade drawings and animations crafted via SNES classic, Mario Paint. It's a true moment in 90s comics nostalgia including multiple Wolverines, The Reign of the Supermen, Batman: The Animated Series, and, of course, Spawn.

You can find all these posts via Quinones' Tumblr… or scroll down and marvel (see what I did there) at the young artist's path to greatness:

Hey, it's late. Here's some Mario Paint drawings I made on my Super Nintendo, circa '92.

A video posted by @kwinones on


Nailed it. #wolverine #mariopaint #joemariopaints A video posted by @kwinones on

SPAWN! #toddmcfarlana #mariopaint #joemariopaints A video posted by @kwinones on

Some sixth grade Batman animation for you. #joemariopaints #mariopaint A video posted by @kwinones on

CYBORG!!!11!!! #joemariopaints A video posted by @kwinones on

Okay, last one for tonight. THE WOLVERINE. #1992 #joemariopaints A video posted by @kwinones on

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