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Loki 2099 & Winter Soldier 2099 In New Spider-Man 2099 Event
Spider-Man 2099 returns for the 30th anniversary of the original 2099 event, including Loki 2099, Winter Solider 2099, Ghost Rider 2099, X-Men 2099, and Avengers 2099 for Spider-Man 2099: Exodus You know, in 2099, Marvel will probably actually still be around, and they'll have to figure out just what they are going to do… here's[...]
Hot Toys Toy Fair 2020 - Ragnarok Stan Lee and Spider-Man 2099
The Iron Spider, Spider Armor MK-IV, and Spider-Man 2099 costumes are all coming to life with some gorgeous figures Each one is packed with remarkable detail and comes with a wide variety of accessories One thing fans might not like is that they rely heavily on the Marvel's Spider-Man game, not their comic book counterpart[...]
2099 Omega #1 [Preview]
But does anyone ever stop to thing about the repercussions for the characters who have to live through it? 2099 Omega #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics this week, by Nick Spencer, Gerardo Sandoval, and Ze Carlos, wrapping up this mini crossover event, and the issue addresses just that, as we see in this preview. When[...]
Spider-Man 2099 #1 [Preview]
Spider-Man 2099 #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics tomorrow, by Nick Spencer and Jose Carlos Silva, continuing the 2099 mini-crossover event spinning out of Amazing Spider-Man Why does their need to be a Spider-Man 2099 comic when Spider-Man 2099 is also starring in the regular Spider-Man comic which is labeled 2099 for the crossover?[...]
Doom 2099 #1 [Preview]
Doom 2099 #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Castiello, as Marvel desperately hopes one of these 2099 one-shots will land and warrant at least a spinoff mini-series or two. Although this story takes place in the future, it doesn't seem very futuristic, since we find a family dragging[...]
Ghost Rider 2099 #1 [Preview]
Ghost Rider 2099 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, cashing in on this 2099 transitional super-mega-crossover event thing, from Canada's Favorite Son Ed Brisson and Damian Couceiro We've got a preview below.   In the future, the rust belt has been reinvigorated with economic prosperity. But it seems not everyone is benefiting from it Shocking. Biker fashion[...]
Venom 2099 #1 [Preview]
The solicitation for Venom 2099 #1 asks the question: what is Venom 2099? Answer: an attempt to snooker true believers into purchasing a one-shot tying into a transitional super-mega-crossover event during the holiday shopping season But if you're wondering what Venom 2099 is in the actual comic, by Jody Houser, Francesco Mobili, and Geraldo Borges,[...]
Punisher 2099 #1 [Preview]
Punisher 2099 #1 is set to hit stores from Marvel Comics next week, cashing in on and tying in with the 2099 event running through Amazing Spider-Man This issue is by Zonnie Tadler and Matt Horak, and we've got a preview below. In the future, private police force The Public Eye maintains order for corporate overlords[...]
Conan 2099 #1 [Preview]
Conan the Barbarian is coming to Marvel's futuristic 2099 super-mega-crossover event, because @#$% it, why the hell not? Marvel paid for this license and they might as well use it The issue is written by The Gerry Duggan of Comics, Gerry Duggan, with art by Roge Antonio We've got a preview of Conan 2099 #1[...]
2099 Alpha #1 [Preview]
2099 Alpha #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, and who doesn't love a super-mega-crossover event Alpha issue? Don't answer that Nick Spencer, Viktor Bogdanovic, Marte Gracia, and some poor fool who lettered this thing for less than even the colorist makes and doesn't even get their name on the cover because Marvel,[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #34
Amazing Spider-Man #34 is in stores next week from Marvel Comics as we kick off the 2099 super-mega-crossover event Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason, Matthew Wilson, Dee Cunniffe, Chris O'Halloran, and Joe Caramagna put this thing together It's not that Marvel needs three colorists for this book It's just that one of them does the coloring[...]
Amazing Spider-Man's 2099 Event Gets a Launch Trailer from Marvel
If you're a fan of the 2099 universe or just of seeing Marvel Editor Nick Lowe yelling like a maniac, you'll be pleased to learn that Marvel has released a trailer for 2099, the new event kicking off in Amazing Spider-Man #33 tomorrow that revisits the 2099 universe to somehow cash in on nostalgia for[...]
Amazing Spider-MAn #33 [Preview]
Amazing Spider-Man #33 is set to his stores from Marvel Comics next week, part of the 2099 crossover event that will change the current Marvel Universe forever, or until a month or two from now when another big crossover launches, whichever comes first We've got a preview below, by Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason, Matthew Wilson,[...]
Getting Marvel's Money's Worth with Conan 2099 [Improbable Previews]
We can't guarantee 100% accuracy, of course. In this issue of Improbable Previews, we have a preview of Conan 2099 #1 from Marvel.com, by The Gerry Duggan of Comics Gerry Duggan and Roge Antonio Unfortunately, someone forgot to letter it, but we took care of that for them… #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1[...]