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Speculator Corner: Bedlam #1
This week sees the first issue of Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo's new Image comic, Bedlam, published. It's not the first time it will have seen the light
Speculator Corner: Swamp Thing #1
Next week today, Bleeding Cool believe that DC Comics will announce a new ongoing Superman comic book, entitled Man Of Steel, written by Scott Snyder and
Speculator Corner: Higher Earth #3
There's something about issue threes. Sleeper-successful comic books often begin to turn around with issue 4. For those big surprise success stories,
Say Goodbye To DC's Lucifer
Lucifer was the Sandman spinoff that could. By Mike Carey, Peter Gross and Ryan Kelly, it took the character of the Devil as portrayed in the Sandman
Speculator Corner: The Walking Dead
It cannot have escaped many people's notice that The Walking Dead is a popular comic book. So popular that retailers cannot keep up with its increase in