Speculator Corner

Speculator Corner: Great Pacific #1

Bedlam #1 and MacGyver #1 are the lastest two Image Comics launches to sell out and go to a second print. Here are the new covers, above. But one that is guaranteed to follow is Great Pacific #1 by Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo. Already sold out at Diamond for three weeks, there are plenty […]

Speculator Corner: Bedlam #1

This week sees the first issue of Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo's new Image comic, Bedlam, published. It's not the first time it will have seen the light of day though. There were copies of a NYCC version being sold last weekend, as well as retailer-exclusive versions. The former are selling for $30, the latter […]

Death Of The Family, Rebirth Of The Speculator

Did you buy some Batman comics these past two weeks? Care to pay for next week's groceries with them? Let's take a look at eBay. Batman #13 going for up to $20 (but mostly more like $15) Batgirl #13 going for up to $21.50 (but mostly around $18) Catwoman #13 is already going for up […]

Speculator Corner: Red Hood And The Outlaws #13 SPOILER

We are all aware that demand for the Batman: Death Of The Family crossover is outstripping supply. Leading to instant sellouts and climbing eBay prices. But there's one people may have missed and it's out tomorrow. Red Hood And The Outlaws #13. And I have the last page. So, you know, it's a spoiler. It […]

Speculator Corner: Swamp Thing #1

Next week today, Bleeding Cool believe that DC Comics will announce a new ongoing Superman comic book, entitled Man Of Steel, written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jim Lee. Which will, no doubt, be the best selling comic book in the month it is released. Possibly a few after that as well. Scott Snyder […]

From $8 To $100 – Marvel Preview #7 And A Certain Rocket Raccoon

Time to go through your magazine boxes. An FN/VF copy of Marvel Preview #7 with the first appearance of Rocket Raccoon went for $8.50 a couple of months ago. But that was before the announcement of a Guardians Of The Galaxy movie that may well co-star the jet set critter, as well as his return […]

Speculator Corner: Higher Earth #3

There's something about issue threes. Sleeper-successful comic books often begin to turn around with issue 4. For those big surprise success stories, issue 3 is often the most underordered. We call it Issue Three syndrome.  Go on and try to find a Walking Dead #3. I understand that Boom! believes that Higher Earth #3 has […]

Speculator Corner: Will Bravest Warriors Take Everyone By Surprise Again?

Bravest Warriors is a brand new comic series created by Pendleton Ward, for Boom! Studios. If you don't recognise his name, he is the creator of Adventure Time. Remember how well ordered the original first issue of Adventure Time was? Despite being a recognised name with a massive fan following? Bravest Warriors doesn't even have […]

DC Comics Liquidating Stacks Of Trade Paperbacks And Graphic Novels

DC Comics are looking to reduced their stock of the following books by offering them to retailers at a massive discount. What that means is that in a few weeks, these books will be plentiful at comic books stores. And then… not so much. They will go out of print, or move to a different […]

Say Goodbye To DC's Lucifer

Lucifer was the Sandman spinoff that could. By Mike Carey, Peter Gross and Ryan Kelly, it took the character of the Devil as portrayed in the Sandman series, out for a run – and ran it for 75 issues, as long as Sandman. The creative team are now working on DC Vertigo's The Unwritten. And […]

Speculator's Corner: Dark Avengers #1 And Earth 2 #2

With the revelation that Iron Patriot is, in some form, to appear in Iron Man 3, there suddenly appears to be a rush on the character's first appearances. That would be Dark Avengers #1 of course, as well as subsequent issues of the series, with Norman Osborn in the suit. Not that he'll be in […]

The Infinity Gauntlet Is The Best Selling Graphic Novel On Amazon

The Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lim is currently the number one best selling graphic novel on Amazon.com. I wonder why? On eBay, Thanos' first appearance in Iron Man #55 at CGC 9.4 has just sold for $2550, a massive increase on only a three months ago, it sold for $300. […]

Do You Have A Comic With Thanos In It? Might Be Worth Fishing It Out…

Comic book stores have told me in the last month, they have seen a much greater interest in the appearances of Thanos in Marvel comics. And certain people happily picking up multiple copiesat full guide price. They knew what was coming… A copy of his first appearance, Iron Man #55, with a CGC of 6.0 […]

Speculator Corner: The Walking Dead

It cannot have escaped many people's notice that The Walking Dead is a popular comic book. So popular that retailers cannot keep up with its increase in popularity. And copies even a month or three old have been selling in double figures. The new Walking Dead collection is about to ship shortly, which may lightly […]

A Free Comic Book Day Marketplace – Mouse Guard Hits $13

Yesterday lots of people got lots of comics for free. Then some of them put them on eBay. The star is, as expected, the Mouse Guard HC. It has sold for up to $13 with free shipping, but there are currently Buy It Nows available around the $9 mark. The importance of the DC New […]

An Incredibly Self-Serving Speculator's Corner

  In the early nineties, I self published a number of comics with Mike Meyer. Seven issues of a comic called Dirtbag, six issues of a comic called X-Flies. They included a strip written by one Brendon Connelly, a cover by Mark Stafford, a story written and pencilled by Fabian Nicieza (inked by me) and […]

Speculator Corner: Phonogram

Well it's taken long enough. But with the third and final volume of Phonogram being announced for later this year, Immaterial Girl, it seems there's been a peak of interest in earlier volumes of the comic. And the discovery that they are rather hard to find. And the creative team are doing rather critically acclaimed […]

The Race For The Walking Dead

It's not just the first few issues, and the first appearances of Michonne and The Governor that are going for big bucks on eBay. The most recent issues are as well, in a rather predictable fashion. The Walking Dead has just published its 95th issue. The most recent trade paperback, volume 15, reprints issues 85-90. […]