Stan Lee Autographed Copy Of Marvel Age #41 Ending On ComicConnect

Stan Lee fans are always looking for iconic shots of the Marvel icon, especially since his passing in November 2018. Comic fans miss him, and many wanted to meet him, shake his hand, and get his autograph while thanking him for all that he did for comics. While many will never get that chance, you can have a shot at his auto. A signed copy of Marvel Age #41 with a well-known shot of Stan Lee surrounded by some of his most iconic works is up for auction as part of ComicConnect's Event Auction #42, Session #3 that ends today. The book is a graded 9.0 by CBCS, with a verified Stan Lee signature. At $54, and like many other books in these sessions, this book is a steal. Check it out here.

Stan Lee Autographed Copy Of Marvel Age #41 Ending On ComicConnect
Marvel Age #41 signed by Stan Lee. Credit ComicConnect

This right here, this is a perfect collectible. It is such an iconic shot of Stan Lee, with a gorgeous signature in silver that really pops on the black and white photo like that. It certainly catches the eye, that is for sure. One of the best parts about this is how much this cover screams 80's. It is so busy, so representative of everything that Marvel was and is at that time.  I mean, it has Forbush Man on the cover. That alone makes this worth picking up. So many Easter Eggs on there, I just think you would be hard-pressed to find a better Stan Lee auto piece if you tried.

This and many other great books are all ending today in Session 3 of ComicConnect's Event Auction #42. Seriously, there are tons of great keys and solid books at pretty affordable prices right now, from Golden Age books all the way up through more modern fare. Make sure to check everything out by clicking here.

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