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The 'Woke SJW' Batman Of New York And Other Gotham Gossip (Spoilers)

A little more Gotham Gossip from Bleeding Cool, a look at some Batmannery to come from DC Comics. Naturally, there be spoilers, but nothing too major, just enough cream to tease the tongue. And with DC Comics basically just serving up  Batman these days, admittedly in a variety of flavours, there should be plenty to go around. But we do need a certain warning sign. Consider this the Bat Signal of Bleeding Cool. And ten pieces of Gotham Gossip being served up.

The "Woke SJW" Batman of New York, And Other Gotham Gossip (Spoilers)
The "Woke SJW" Batman of New York, And Other Gotham Gossip (Spoilers)
  1. Abyss may be Lex Luthor's Batman. But he is not the only one. There are Lex Luthor Batmen all over the world now. We just don't know where else there may be.
  2. How about New York? Well, the major wants to officially deputise Jack Fox as the Batman of New York, when he turns up in the city, busting heads. Not sure if that means the New York police Commissioner will get a big red phone under a glass case, or a very large flashlight pointed at Manhattan clouds, but it is a different way to doing things than in Gotham. With Chubb and Whitaker brought in from Gotham leading the Special Crimes Unit that will be working with the new Dark Knight.
  3. Abyss will not be Batman of Badhnisia. Bruce Wayne has another candidate in mind. And Ghost-Maker may have to train her.
  4. Dick Grayson once gave Jonathan Kent a lollipop/sucker to make him feel better. Will Nightwing be returned the favour now that the new Superman is all grown up?
  5. Gotham is a great distraction for Batman when there's a Shadow War going on. Deathstroke knows it and now so does Prometheus.
  6. When Bruce Wayne trained to be Batman, it was in a world with websites and flip phones. We're talking a post 9/11 world now. But only just.
  7. Batman will call Maps by the name Robin. But not in the circumstances either would want.
  8. Jace Fox, the Batman of New York, is happier in front of the cameras than Bruce Wayne's version. But he, as well as the mayor, is dismissed by some as  a woke SJW.
  9. Batman: Killing Time is DC Comics' Die Hard, Batman is Bruce Willis. The Riddler is Hanz Gruber. And The Catwoman is a bad guy again – a proper one, in both Killing Time and The Knight.
  10. While Lucie, The Gray Shadow of Paris, is an early indicator of the Catwoman that the young Bruce Wayne will one day fall for… he does seem to be a man of certain tastes. Lucie may demonstrate upon on whom he was imprinted.

More to come I am sure… indeed, that last one may need a little expanding upon in a Gotham Gossip special.

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