"Victory Of The People" Three Reasons Why You Should Read Klaus #4

If you think that BOOM! Studios Klaus is a typical Santa story, think again. This story is much more than that, and this week brings the release of Klaus #4. Written by Grant Morrison, with art by Dan Mora, I can guarantee that you'll be surprised by what you'll find in this issue. If you haven't had a chance to read an issue yet, here's three reasons why you should…


One: A classic core with a unique script. Like I mentioned earlier, this story is much more than a typical Santa story. In fact, it's not cheery at all. It has a realistic feel to it. Morrison writes a passionate well-developed script.


Two: The characters are complex, with rich history. This is a fantastic issue to read because we get Klaus' origin story. I never expected to experience such an emotional story with Klaus and Lady Dagmar.


Three: The detailed artwork is a reader experience. Mora's art goes beyond the surface transporting you to a different time period.


With all that said, don't miss out on the new issue of Klaus #4 out tomorrow!