What Is The Most Underrated Comic? The Daily LITG, 20th August 2020

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Squidbillies, Pokemon, Rick And Morty and the future of Thor – the ten most-read stories yesterday.

Pokemon GO is still driving so much attention, but a little relationship news from Supernatural also turns heads. And we also get an idea of where Thor is heading to…

  1. Ex-Squidbillies Actor Takes Firing Well: "Hope You A**holes are Happy"
  2. Missed Shiny Deino? Dragon Week Make-Up Coming To Pokémon GO
  3. Rick and Morty: Justin Roiland's Best Friend Jerry Needs Your Help
  4. Supernatural Stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles Make It Official
  5. The Future Of Thor As Revealed In Thor #6 (Spoilers)
  6. New Venom Marvel Legends Wave Announced with Venompool BAF
  7. The Boys: Jensen Ackles' 3 New Fans Can't Watch; Padalecki Approves
  8. Are 20-25% Of DC Comics Losing Money? The Hellblazer Hypothesis…
  9. Dave Bautista Missed Bernie Sanders Speech Because He Was Pooping
  10. Venipede Spotlight Hour Is Tonight In Pokémon GO: Will It Be Shiny?

ICYMI: five more you may prefer.

The Marvel Missing In Action List starts to get shorter…

  1. Lex Luthor Of The Endless? Death Metal Does Sandman Again? (Spoilers)
  2. Marvel Launches Eternals in November With Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribic
  3. X-Men On The Problems Of Bringing People Back From The Dead SPOILERS
  4. Marvel Comics Launches Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices 1 in November
  5. Atlantis Attacks Now Rescheduled – Marvel MIA List Updated Again

What was happening one year ago.

The teasing of the return of One More Day began here… and ends with Kindred.

  1. A Return to One More Day and the Spider-Marriage With Amazing Spider-Man #29? (Spoilers)
  2. "Supernatural" Farewell Tour Has Begun – Yes, There Will Be Tears [Video]
  3. Meet the New Leader of the X-Men in Powers of X #2 [X-ual Healing 8-14-2019]
  4. Tony Stark's Shocking Revelation in Iron Man #15 [Preview]
  5. An X-Men Reunion in Fearless #2 [Preview]
  6. Transformers Are Now Changing Art Teams
  7. "Stranger Things" Is Officially Coming To "Dead By Daylight"
  8. Doc Justice and the J-Team to Change (Part Of) Marvel Universe Forever
  9. Unmasking Spider-Man in Superior Spider-Man #10 [Preview]
  10. Do Any Comic Shops Out There Still Have Copies of the Megadeth: Death By Design Graphic Novel on Their Shelves?
  11. A Look at All the Walmart DC 100-Page Giant 'Next Month' Teases For Relaunch

What's happening today…

What Is The Most Underrated Comic? The Daily LITG, 20th August 2020
What Is The Most Underrated Comic? The Daily LITG, 20th August 2020

Plenty of comic book events happening online as a handful return to going offline

Comic book industry birthdays

There may not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Kirk Chritton, writer of Die Kamikaze
  • Gavin Higginbotham, writer for Savage Dragon
  • Kat Rocha, publisher of 01Publishing
  • Sean Kleefeld, comics journalist
  • Mike Pallotta, Creative Executive, Consumer Products at DC Comics

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