4A Games Gives Us More Detail On Their Upcoming Game ARKTIKA.1 For The Oculus Touch


4A Games gave further details yesterday their upcoming title for the Oculus Touch, Arktika.1 which is a post-apocalyptic shooter set in a brand new ice age. You'll play a mercenary hired by Citadel Security to protect one of the last colonies in the wastelands of Russia from "violent raiders, marauders, and horrifying creatures."


The game will use the latest version of the 4A Engine to create an immersive environment for players to get lost in. And considering you're living in a world with only a few remaining pockets of civilization with technological and biological horrors, all designed to keep you mesmerized as you go through, shooting up every threat.


For a VR shooter, it looks incredibly detailed though the graphics aren't entirely top-notch otherwise. Then again, this game does seem like the kind of thing that will easily drag you in and keep you entertained for hours. It'll feature tactical combat featuring full body movements like touching, dodging, and taking cover which will be rather interesting to see work in VR. It's a sci-fi apocalyptic blend which is sure to capture a wide array of interest, and boasts "intuitive controls for natural, realistic gameplay" with a deep, immersive story and fine-tuned game balance. While this is all the usual PR spin for a game announcement, ARKTIKA.1 might actually manage to deliver. The game's announcement trailer is below, if you want to take a look at it.

The three screenshots made available today give some hints as to the kind of sci-fi fusion we'll be dealing with in ARKTIKA.1, and I have to admit they've got my interest piqued. Alongside those screenshots were three different playthroughs of the game, which I've embedded below.

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