Are Tsum Tsum's The Next Beanie Babies?

It started out as an app, but has quickly grown into a massively popular brand. I'm talking about Tsum Tsum's from Disney. Remember Beanie Babies? Yeah, everyone was really into them. I'm hesitant to mention Pokemon cards, because that's actually still a thing, though the motivation is the same. Collectibles that are branching out into different forms. Something about these Tsum Tsum's made me think of Beanie Babies. Perhaps it's their cuddly nature? The fad that lasted throughout the late 90s quickly faded, and we were all shoving them into storage containers in the hopes that one day they'd be worth millions.

Disney's Tsum Tsum's feel a lot like that. A few years ago they were gung ho about promoting their Vinylmation lines, which were essentially blind boxes in Disney fashion. They still exist, but aren't as heavily promoted. The line sits underneath the Tsum Tsum name, which rest under Disney's "Collectibles" tab. What's interesting is, Funko has managed to infiltrate the "vinyl" side of things and therefore casts a shadow on what used to be a very popular thing for Disney. Enter Tsum Tsums.

What are they? They're stackable stuffed animals that come in all Disney-esque forms, and because Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars, they're included too. The latest draw for me was the news of their Alice in Wonderland collection. They tend to make these type of releases on "Tsum Tsum Tuesdays."


But trust me, that's not all. The brand extends to kitchenware, t-shirts, and more. Check it all out for yourself here.




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